Minister of Industry and Trade (Tanzania)

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Minister of Industry and Trade
Waziri wa Viwanda na Biashara
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Geofrey Mwambe

since 5 December 2020
Ministry of Industry and Trade
Style Honourable Minister
Member of Cabinet
Seat Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Appointer President
Term length At the President's discretion

The Minister of Industry and Trade is the head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Government of Tanzania.



Previously, the industry and trade portfolios existed under separate ministries before being amalgamated into its present form.

List of Ministers

The following have served the ministry: [1]


   TANU    CCM

#PortraitMinisterPortfolioTook OfficeLeft OfficePresident
G. KahamaTrade and Industry19621964(Republic of Tanganyika)
J. S. Kasambala Trade and Cooperatives19641965 Julius Nyerere
A. K. HangaIndustry, Minerals and Electricity19641965
J. S. KasambalaIndustry, Minerals and Energy19651966
Abdulrahman Mohamed Babu Trade and Cooperatives19651966
A. Z. Nsilo SwaiIndustry, Minerals and Electricity19661967
1A. M. MaalimTrade and Industry19671971
2 Paul Bomani.jpg Paul Bomani 19711974
3 Amir Habib Jamal (cropped).jpg Amir H. Jamal 19741976
Cleopa Msuya Industry19761982
A. RuleguraTrade19761982
A. S. Mchumo19821983
.Mustafa Nyang'anyi19831986

Ali Hassan Mwinyi
4 Basil Mramba Industry and Trade19861989
5J. C. Rwegasira19891990
6 Cleopa Msuya 19901995
7 William Shija 19952001 Benjamin Mkapa
8 Abdallah Kigoda.jpg Abdallah Kigoda 19961997
9 Kingunge Ngombale–Mwiru 19981999
10Iddi Simba20012002
11 Juma Ngasongwa 20022005
12 Nazir Karamagi Industry, Trade and Marketing20062007 Jakaya Kikwete
(4) Basil Mramba 20072008
13 Mary Nagu 20082010
14 Cyril Chami Industry and Trade20102012
(8) Abdallah Kigoda.jpg Abdallah Kigoda 201212 October 2015
15 Charles Mwijage.jpg Charles Mwijage Industry, Trade and Investment14 December 2015 [2] 10 November 2018 [3] John Magufuli
16 Joseph Kakunda Industry, Trade and Investment (— Jan 2019)
Industry and Trade (Jan 2019 —)
10 November 2018 [4] 8 June 2019 [5]
17 Bashungwa.jpg Innocent Bashungwa Industry and Trade8 June 2019 [5] 16 June 2020
18 Geofrey Mwambe Industry and Trade5 December 2020 [6] Incumbent

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The Ministry of Industry and Trade is a government ministry of Tanzania. Its offices are located in Dar es Salaam. The Minister is Kitila Mkumbo.

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Kassim Majaliwa Majaliwa is a Tanzanian politician who has been Prime Minister of Tanzania since 2015. He was appointed by President John Magufuli after the 2015 general election. He is a member of the ruling Chama Cha Mapinduzi party and has been a Member of Parliament for Ruangwa constituency since 2010.

George Boniface Taguluvala Simbachawene is a Tanzanian CCM politician and Member of Parliament for Kibakwe constituency since 2005.

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Stella Ikupa Alex, is a Tanzanian accountant and politician, who is a member of the ruling Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) party. She is the current Deputy Minister in the office of the Prime Minister of Tanzania, responsible for the disabled. She also serves as a Member of Parliament, having been appointed to a special seat in 2015.

Japhet Hasunga

Japhet Ngailonga Hasunga is a Tanzanian politician through CCM and Member of Parliament for Vwawa constituency since 2015.

Innocent Bashungwa Tanzanian politician

Innocent Lugha Bashungwa is a Tanzanian Minister of Information, Culture, Arts and Sports and a member of the Chama Cha Mapinduzi political party. He was elected MP representing Karagwe in 2015.

Joseph George Kakunda is a Tanzanian politician and a member of the Chama Cha Mapinduzi political party. He was elected MP representing Sikonge in 2015. He was appointed Minister of Industry, Trade and Investment on November 10, 2018 by President John Magufuli and on November 13, 2018 he was officially sworn in. He was sacked by Magufuli on June 8 2019, and replaced by Innocent Bashungwa.

2020 Tanzanian general election Election in Tanzania

General elections were held in Tanzania on 28 October 2020 to elect the President and National Assembly. The presidential election was won by incumbent John Magufuli of the Chama Cha Mapinduzi party.

Events of 2020 in Tanzania.


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