Nadine Alari

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Nadine Alari
Nadine Alari dans V du 4 novembre 1951.png
Born23 February 1927
Paris, France
Died24 November 2016(2016-11-24) (aged 89)
Other namesBernadette Nicole Frédérique Bovarie
Years active1946-2016

Nadine Alari (born Bernadette Nicole Frédérique Bovarie; 23 February 1927 24 November 2016) was a French film and television actress. [1] [2]


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The Prix Suzanne Bianchetti is an award in French cinema given annually since 1937 to the most promising young film actress.


Alaris was the brand name of the regional rail network run by the Spanish national rail company Renfe Operadora that connected the major cities of Madrid and Valencia, and Barcelona and the main cities of the Valencian community, between 1999 and 2013. Alaris services used ETR 490 trainsets, as well as S-120 and S-130 units. It was replaced by the renewed Renfe Intercity system.

<i>A Simple Story</i> (1978 film) 1978 French film

A Simple Story is a 1978 French drama film directed by Claude Sautet. It was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film at the 52nd Academy Awards. For her role as Marie, Romy Schneider won the 1979 César Award for Best Actress.

<i>The Adversary</i> (film) 2002 French film

The Adversary is a 2002 French drama film directed by Nicole Garcia, starring Daniel Auteuil and Géraldine Pailhas.

Mr. Orchid is a 1946 French drama film directed by René Clément. It was entered into the 1946 Cannes Film Festival. The film's sets were designed by the art director Lucien Carré.

Les Amants du pont Saint-Jean is a 1947 French film directed by Henri Decoin. It was entered into the 1947 Cannes Film Festival.

<i>The Sentinel</i> (1992 film) 1992 film

The Sentinel is a 1992 French thriller film, directed by Arnaud Desplechin. It was entered into the 1992 Cannes Film Festival.

Sun in Your Eyes is a 1962 French romance film directed by Jacques Bourdon and starring Anna Karina.

<i>Madame du Barry</i> (1954 film) 1954 film

Madame du Barry is a 1954 French-Italian historical drama film directed by Christian-Jaque and starring Martine Carol, Daniel Ivernel, Gianna Maria Canale and Jean Parédès. The film depicts the life of Madame du Barry, mistress to Louis XV in the eighteenth century.

<i>The Turkey</i> (film) 1951 French film

The Turkey is a 1951 French comedy film directed by Claude Barma and starring Nadine Alari, Jacqueline Pierreux and Denise Provence. It is an adaptation of Georges Feydeau's 1896 play Le Dindon.

<i>Les risques du métier</i> 1967 French film

Les risques du métier is a 1967 French drama film directed by André Cayatte. This was Jacques Brel's first feature film and co-starred Emmanuelle Riva, Jacques Harden, and Nadine Alari. Brel also produced the soundtrack with François Rauber. The film was released on 21 December 1967. Film critics praised Brel's performance.

<i>Darling Caroline</i> (1951 film) 1951 film

Darling Caroline is a 1951 French historical comedy film in black and white, directed by Richard Pottier and starring Martine Carol, Jacques Dacqmine, and Marie Déa. It is based on Jacques Laurent's historical novel "The loves of Caroline Cherie: A novel". It was remade as Darling Caroline in 1968.

Paul Bernard was a French actor. He appeared in thirty-five films, including A Friend Will Come Tonight (1946).

<i>Jericho</i> (1946 film) 1946 film

Jericho is a 1946 French war film directed by Henri Calef based on Operation Jericho. During the Second World War the Royal Air Force and the French Resistance take part in a joint operation known as "Jericho" to free fifty civilians being held as hostages by the occupying German Army in Amiens.

<i>Special Mission</i> (1946 film) 1946 film

Special Mission is a 1946 French thriller film directed by Maurice de Canonge and starring Jany Holt, Pierre Renoir and Jean Davy. The film's art direction was by Claude Bouxin. It was released in two parts.

<i>Great Man</i> (film) 1951 film

Great Man is a 1951 French drama film directed by Yves Ciampi and starring Pierre Fresnay, Renée Devillers and Jean-Claude Pascal.

<i>Tuesdays Guest</i> 1950 French film

Tuesday's Guest is a 1950 French drama film directed by Jacques Deval and starring Bernard Blier, Michel Auclair and Madeleine Robinson. It was adapted by Deval from his own play.

<i>The Gambler</i> (1958 film) 1958 film by Claude Autant-Lara

The Gambler is a 1958 French-Italian drama film directed by Claude Autant-Lara and starring Gérard Philipe, Liselotte Pulver and Françoise Rosay. It is an adaptation of Fyodor Dostoevsky's 1866 novel The Gambler.

Kodak Alaris is a British manufacturer and marketer of traditional photographic supplies, hardware and software for digital imaging and information management, and retail printing kiosks. The company is headquartered in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire. The company shares ownership of the Kodak brand with the Eastman Kodak Company.

<i>All Roads Lead to Rome</i> (1949 film) 1949 film

All Roads Lead to Rome is a 1949 French comedy film directed by Jean Boyer and starring Micheline Presle, Gerard Philippe and Albert Rémy.


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