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Background information
Origin Chicago, Illinois
Genres Punk rock
Years active1990-present
Labels Quarterstick
Associated acts Naked Raygun, Bhopal Stiffs
Website Myspace
Members John Haggerty
Joe Haggerty
Larry Damore
Mike Thompson
Past membersSteve Saylors
Steve Albini
Pierre Kezdy

Pegboy is an American punk band from Chicago, Illinois with a relatively large cult following. They were founded in 1990 by John Haggerty (ex-guitarist for Naked Raygun), along with his brother Joe Haggerty (drums, formerly of The Effigies), Larry Damore (vocals/guitar), and Steve Saylors (bass). Both Damore and Saylors had been members of Chicago-based hardcore band Bhopal Stiffs, whose 1987 demo had been produced by John Haggerty. Pegboy's 1990 debut EP, "Three-Chord Monte", was also the first release by Quarterstick Records, an offshoot of Touch and Go Records. Steve Saylors dropped out in 1992 after job commitments prevented him from touring. Steve Albini, a longtime friend of the band, filled the bass slot on the "Fore" EP. Former Naked Raygun bassist Pierre Kezdy became the permanent bass player in 1994. After the reformation of Naked Raygun, Mike Thompson took over for Kezdy on bass. [1]


Pegboy supposedly played a "farewell" show on New Year's Eve in 1999 [2] but then denied that it was really a "farewell" show a few years later when they returned to live action. [3]

Pegboy has been touring through the summer of 2009 with Face to Face and Polar Bear Club.

Rise Against's Tim McIlrath, [4] Alkaline Trio's Matt Skiba, [5] as well as Hot Water Music's Chuck Ragan and Shai Hulud's Matt Fox are big Pegboy fans.

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Naked Raygun band

Naked Raygun is an American punk rock/post-punk band formed in the Beverly neighborhood of Chicago in 1980. Initially active until 1992, the band had several short-lived reunions afterwards and a full-time reformation in 2006.

Santiago Durango is a Colombian guitarist remembered for his work with the 1980s punk rock groups Naked Raygun and Big Black. Mostly retired from music as of the early 2000s, he works as an attorney.

The Effigies

The Effigies were an American punk band from Chicago, Illinois, United States. The band played its first show in 1980 and was active initially for approximately a decade, undergoing multiple personnel changes with frontman John Kezdy the only constant, before disbanding in 1990. The band released 5 albums and several EPs, most on the record label they founded in 1981, Ruthless Records, which was distributed by Enigma. Later albums were on the Fever Records and Roadkill Records labels. They toured the U.S. and Canada and played notable venues, including CBGB, Maxwell's, First Avenue (nightclub), Mabuhay Gardens, Paycheck's (Detroit), Exit (Chicago) and The Rathskeller, among others. They also received a significant amount of national airplay on college radio at a time when it was the only medium for alternative music.

Strike Under

Strike Under was an influential Chicago punk rock band of the early 1980s. It was started by Steve Bjorklund after the demise of The Rabbits. The principal musicians, besides Bjorklund, were his brother Chris (guitar), Pierre Kezdy (bass), and Bob Furem (drums).

Ruthless Records (Chicago) record label from Chicago

Ruthless Records was the name of a Chicago punk record label. Founded in 1981 by the Effigies, it was not a real business, but a name used by Chicago and Minneapolis punk bands from 1981 to 1990: Big Black, the Effigies, End Result, Naked Raygun, Rifle Sport and Urge Overkill. The Effigies operated the label from its creation in 1981 until 1984, when they found the label to be distracting from their priorities with the band. They handed the label over to Big Black founder Steve Albini, who ran the label until it dissolved in 1990.

Chicago hardcore outfit the Bhopal Stiffs was formed in 1985 by singers/guitarists Larry Damore and Vince Marine, bassist Steve Saylors, and drummer Dave Schleitwiler. The band name is a reference to an ecological disaster which took place in Bhopal, India in 1984. Honing a melodic, mid-tempo approach very much in tune with the prevailing Windy City punk sound of the period, the group gigged steadily, in time becoming the de facto house band at the Chicago bar Exit. In 1987, the Bhopal Stiffs recorded a ten-song demo tape, with the single "Not Just My Head" following on the Dazit label later that year and played gigs in Indiana, Wisconsin, St Louis and many shows in Chicago. Marine exited the lineup in early 1988, with guitarist Ron Lowe stepping in and Larry Damore assuming sole vocal duties; the reconfigured group recorded the six-song E.P.A. record, issued on the Roadkill label. After contributing "Too Much Pain" to the There's a Fungus Among Us compilation, the Bhopal Stiffs disbanded in 1989; Larry Damore and Steve Saylors later formed Pegboy with former Naked Raygun guitarist John Haggerty, while Dave Schleitwiler went on to play drums for local groups Buzzmuscle and The Indicators, amongst others, and Ron Lowe became a recording engineer at the Chicago Recording Company. Harmless Records later compiled the Stiffs' complete recorded output on the CD 1985-1989. The band played reunion shows in 2001 and 2010.

John Haggerty American guitarist

John Haggerty is an influential Chicago guitarist. A key member of Naked Raygun during their heyday (1983–1989), Haggerty formed the band Pegboy, with brother Joe Haggerty on drums and Steve Saylors (bass) and Larry Damore (vocals) of the Bhopal Stiffs, upon leaving Naked Raygun.

<i>Basement Screams</i> 1983 EP by Naked Raygun

Basement Screams was a six song EP and the debut release by Chicago punk band Naked Raygun, released on Ruthless Records in 1983. Quarterstick Records reissued the EP in 1999, and added the street version of "I Lie" and the 222 S. Morgan St. sessions as bonus material. The 1982 Morgan St. sessions feature the band's original line-up, which would change significantly by the time the band went into the studio to record Basement Screams the following year, and then again with the release of Naked Raygun's first full-length LP.

<i>Throb Throb</i> 1985 studio album by Naked Raygun

Throb Throb is an album by Chicago punk band Naked Raygun, released on Homestead Records in 1985. It was the first of the band's releases to feature the musicianship of John Haggerty whose guitar playing distinguished the band's sound during the 1980s. Quarterstick Records reissued the album in 1999, and added an early version of "Libido" as bonus material, which originally appeared on the Flammable Solid 7".

Iain Burgess British record producer

Iain Burgess was an English record producer and audio engineer. He helped define the sound of the Chicago post-punk music scene in the 1980s and early 1990s, working with a number of key underground bands, including Big Black, Naked Raygun, The Effigies, Get Smart!, Ministry, Green, Bloodsport, Pegboy, Poster Children, and Bhopal Stiffs.

The Bomb (band) American punk rock band

The Bomb originally started in 1999, formed by Jeff Pezzati of Naked Raygun. Despite the band's quiet beginnings, Steve Albini took an interest in Pezzati's reemergence to the music scene and recorded their first two records, 'Arming' and 'Torch Songs'. Which included the original line-up of John Maxwell on guitar and Paul Garcia on drums and backing vocals ,with the addition of Steev Custer taking over bass duties. In 2002, Jeff Dean replaced Maxwell on guitar,and in 2003 Custer and Garcia were replaced by Pete Mittler, Mike Soucy. This has been the definitive line up of the band.

<i>All Rise</i> (Naked Raygun album) 1986 studio album by Naked Raygun

All Rise is the second full-length album recorded by Chicago post-hardcore band Naked Raygun in 1985 and released on LP by Homestead Records in 1986. When Quarterstick Records re-released all of Naked Raygun's early albums in the late 90s, two bonus tracks were added to the CD album.

Joe Haggerty American musician

Joe Haggerty is the drummer for Pegboy and is known for his dense, energetic, relentless and varied drumming style. In the mid-1980s he was the drummer for the Chicago punk band Bloodsport. In 1987, three of the members of Bloodsport, including Haggerty, went on to join a re-formed version of the Effigies. When the Effigies folded in 1990, Haggerty became a founding member of Pegboy, along with his brother John Haggerty.

<i>Three-Chord Monte</i> 1990 EP by Pegboy

Three-Chord Monte is an EP by Pegboy, released in 1990 through Quarterstick Records.

<i>Strong Reaction</i> 1991 studio album by Pegboy

Strong Reaction is the debut album of Pegboy, released on September 15, 1991 through Quarterstick Records.

<i>Fore</i> (EP) 1993 EP by Pegboy

Fore is an EP by the punk rock band Pegboy. It was released in 1993 on Quarterstick Records.

<i>Earwig</i> (Pegboy album) 1994 studio album by Pegboy

Earwig is the second studio album by the punk rock band Pegboy. It was released in 1994 through Quarterstick Records.

<i>Cha Cha Damore</i> 1997 studio album by Pegboy

Cha Cha Damore is the third album by Pegboy, released on October 14, 1997 through Quarterstick Records.

Pierre Kezdy American bass player

Pierre Kezdy was an American bass player, known for playing with various Chicago punk bands, including Naked Raygun, Pegboy, Strike Under, Arsenal, and Trial By Fire. He was also the younger brother of Effigies frontman John Kezdy.

<i>Raygun...Naked Raygun</i> 1990 studio album by Naked Raygun

Raygun...Naked Raygun is the fifth album by Chicago post-hardcore band Naked Raygun, released in 1990 through Caroline Records. The album was recorded at Chicago Trax and was co-produced by Keith Harbacher and the band. It was the band's first album with their new guitarist Bill Stephens, who had replaced John Haggerty. This was the last album by the band before they broke up in 1992.


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