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Plants of the World Online is an online database published by the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. It was launched in March 2017 with the ultimate aim being "to enable users to access information on all the world's known seed-bearing plants by 2020". The initial focus was on tropical African Floras, particularly Flora Zambesiaca, Flora of West Tropical Africa and Flora of Tropical East Africa. [1]

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew non-departmental public body in the UK

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew is a non-departmental public body in the United Kingdom sponsored by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. An internationally important botanical research and education institution, it employs 723 staff (FTE). Its board of trustees is chaired by Marcus Agius, a former chairman of Barclays.


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The Australian Plant Name Index (APNI) is an online database of all published names of Australian vascular plants. It covers all names, whether current names, synonyms or invalid names. It includes bibliographic and typification details, information from the Australian Plant Census including distribution by state, links to other resources such as specimen collection maps and plant photographs, and the facility for notes and comments on other aspects.

Convention on Biological Diversity International treaty

The Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), known informally as the Biodiversity Convention, is a multilateral treaty. The Convention has three main goals including: the conservation of biological diversity ; the sustainable use of its components; and the fair and equitable sharing of benefits arising from genetic resources.

The Plant List is a list of botanical names of species of plants created by the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and the Missouri Botanical Garden and launched in 2010. It was intended to be a comprehensive record of all known names of plant species over time.

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<i>Calamus</i> (palm) genus of plants

Calamus is a genus of the palm family Arecaceae. These are among several genera known as rattan palms. There are an estimated 400 species in this genus, all native to tropical and subtropical Asia, Africa, and Australia. They are mostly leaf-climbing lianas with slender, reedy stems. To aid scrambling some species have evolved hooks on the underside of the midrib, or more commonly by modified "pinnae" or tendrils in the form of stout, backward-pointing spines. These stems may grow to lengths of 200 metres.

Burnatia is a genus in the family Alismataceae. It includes only one currently recognized species, Burnatia enneandra. It is native to tropical and southern Africa from Senegal to Tanzania to South Africa.

<i>Enneapogon</i> genus of plants

Enneapogon is a cosmopolitan genus of plants in the grass family.

<i>Kyllinga</i> genus of plants

Kyllinga is genus of flowering plants in the sedge family known commonly as spikesedges. They are native to tropical and warm temperate areas of the world, especially tropical Africa. These sedges vary in morphology, growing to heights from 2 centimeters to a meter and sometimes lacking rhizomes. They are closely related to Cyperus species and sometimes treated as part of a more broadly circumscribed Cyperus.

Phaenanthoecium is a genus of plants in the grass family. The only known species is Phaenanthoecium koestlinii, native to Northeast Tropical Africa and Yemen.

Andropterum is a genus of African plants in the grass family. There is only one known species, Andropterum stolzii, native to Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mozambique, Tanzania, Malawi and Burundi.

Bewsia is a genus of African plants in the grass family. The only known species is Bewsia biflora, widespread across much of sub-Saharan Africa from Ivory Coast to Tanzania to KwaZulu-Natal.

Bromuniola is a genus of Central African plants in the grass family. The only known species is Bromuniola gossweileri, native to Zaïre, Tanzania, Angola, and Zambia.

<i>Ottochloa</i> genus of plants

Ottochloa is a genus of African, Asian, and Australian plants in the grass family.

  1. Ottochloa gracillimaC.E.Hubb. - Queensland, New South Wales
  2. Ottochloa grandifloraJansen - New Guinea
  3. Ottochloa nodosa(Kunth) Dandy - tropical Africa, Indian Subcontinent, China, Southeast Asia, New Guinea, Queensland, Northern Territory, Western Australia

Oxyrhachis is a genus of African plants in the grass family. The only known species is Oxyrhachis gracillima, native to Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Cameroon, Tanzania, Madagascar, KwaZulu-Natal, Cape Province.

<i>Entolasia</i> genus of plants

Entolasia is a genus of African, Australian, and Papuasian plants in the grass family.

Eccoptocarpha is a genus of African plants in the grass family. The only known species is Eccoptocarpha obconiciventris, native to Tanzania and Zambia.

Halopyrum is a genus of Asian and African plants in the grass family. The only known species is Halopyrum mucronatum, native to the Indian Subcontinent, Iran, the Arabian Peninsula, Socotra, Madagascar, and eastern + northeastern Africa.

Hylebates is a genus of African plants in the grass family.

  1. Hylebates chlorochloe(K.Schum.) Napper - - Tanzania, Kenya
  2. Hylebates cordatusChippind. - Tanzania, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe

Fimbristylis polytrichoides is a species of fimbry known by the common name rusty sedge, native to east Africa, Madagascar, China, Southeast Asia, New Guinea and Australia. The plant is common along the coast line and estuaries of Australia. The flowers are a distinctive rusty brown color appearing on a single spikelet from May to July.

The Flora of Tropical East Africa (FTEA) is a catalogue of all 12,104 known wild plant species in Uganda, Kenya, and Tanzania. The project began in 1948 and was finally completed in September 2012. Approximately 1,500 new plant species were described, by 135 botanists from 21 countries.

Maureen Elizabeth Church Welsh botanist and illustrator

Maureen Elizabeth Church, was a Welsh-born botanist and skilled, self-trained botanical illustrator. Her preferred technique was that of line drawings and her work is in the permanent collections of the Forest Herbarium in Oxford, the East African Herbarium in Nairobi, the Herbarium at Kew, and the University of Edinburgh.

Phyllorachis is a genus of African plants in the grass family. The only known species is Phyllorachis sagittata native to Tanzania, Zambia, Angola, Malawi, and Mozambique.

GrassBase is a web-based database of grasses, continually maintained and updated by the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

Agelanthus microphyllus is a species of hemiparasitic plant in the Loranthaceae family, which is native to Ethiopia, Kenya and Tanzania.


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