Potshot (band)

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Background information
Origin Tokyo, Japan
Genres Ska punk, Punk rock
Years active19952005, 2015
Labels TV-FREAK Records
Asian Man Records
Website www.ukproject.com/potshot

Potshot was a Japanese J-ska music group from Japan. They released their records on their own label, TV Freak, in Japan. Their first five albums were re-released by Asian Man Records, an American label well known for signing Asian punk-pop bands. Their final album, Potshot Beat Goes On , was released in May 2005. Potshot disbanded in 2005, playing a final show in Tokyo. [1]



Group members

Pots and Shots

In reviewing their first album, Pots And Shots (1997), AllMusic wrote that Potshot "put the spurs to the largely kind-of-boring mid-'90s resurgence of ska music by revving up the tempos by at least 30 percent (seriously, anyone who tries dancing to a song like the breakneck "Since Yesterday" is at risk of a coronary) and dialing back all the cod-reggae Jamaican-isms that make so many of the frat-boy third wave ska bands so laughable. The drumbeat and a familiar-sounding horn section are Pots and Shots' only links to ska music, but they're enough to shred 90 percent of the post-No Doubt pretenders." [2]

Pots And Shots included cover versions of "The Tears of a Clown" and "Since Yesterday".


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<i>Pots and Shots</i> 1997 studio album by Potshot

Pots and Shots is the debut album of J-ska band Potshot. The album was released in the United States by Asian Man Records in 1997.

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Dance to the Potshot Record is the fifth album of J-ska band Potshot. The album was released in the United States by Asian Man Records in 2004. This was the last album to come out in the USA. The album was released by Vivid Sound in Japan in 2002.

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