Raleigh and Gaston Railroad

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Cornerstone of the Raleigh and Gaston railroad building of Raleigh, NC

The Raleigh and Gaston Railroad was a Raleigh, North Carolina-based railroad opened in April 1840 [1] between Raleigh and the town of Gaston, North Carolina, on the Roanoke River. It was North Carolina's second railroad (the Wilmington and Raleigh Railroad opened one month earlier). The length was 100 miles (160 km) and built with 4 ft 8 in (1,422 mm) gauge. [2]


The Raleigh and Gaston Railroad merged with the Seaboard Air Line Railroad in 1900, eventually becoming part of CSX Transportation. The Raleigh and Gaston's tracks now make up part of CSX's S Line as the Norlina Subdivision of CSX's Florence Division.

The railroad built the Franklinton Depot in 1886. [3] It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1990. [4]

List of stations

Below is a list of stations along the Raleigh and Gaston railroad: [5]

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