Recitation (album)

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Studio album by
ReleasedSeptember 22, 2010
Genre Screamo, post-rock
Label Temporary Residence Limited
Envy chronology
Thursday / Envy
Atheist's Cornea
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Recitation is the fifth album from Envy. Recitation continues to expand upon the band's previous albums by using further elements of post-rock and spoken word while also maintaining screamed vocals, and is often seen as an album of further growth for Envy that improves upon the predecessors by perfecting their mix of screamo, hardcore punk and post-rock. They also continue to use Japanese lyrics. It is the only Envy release to feature no clean singing, only screaming and spoken word.


Track listing

2."Last Hours of Eternity"7:05
3."Rain Clouds Running in a Holy Night"8:32
4."Pieces of the Moon I Weaved"4:48
5."Light and Solitude"7:58
6."Dreams Coming To An End"4:04
8."Worn Heels and the Hands We Hold"5:44
9."A Hint and the Incapacity"6:44
10."A Breath Clad in Happiness"6:25
11."0 and 1"7:32
12."Your Hand"3:04
Total length:64:33


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