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Location of Viipuri and Lahti within the 1812–1940 borders

Reipas Lahti is a sports club in Lahti, Finland. It is involved in various of ball games and also other sports. The club emerged in the late 1940s, when the inhabitants of Viipuri had mostly been relocated in Lahti, after evacuation during World War II. As a consequence, the activities of Viipurin Reipas, which had been founded in 1891, were continued in the new home town of the evacuees. The name of the club was still Reipas Viipuri until 1962, when the ball game section became simply Reipas. [1] [2]


Reipas has played in top-flight football, ice hockey and bandy, with particular success in football.

In bandy, Reipas last appeared in top flight in 1967, but then discontinued its involvement in this sport the following year. In 1975, the football and ice hockey sections became independent clubs, football being continued under the name of Lahden Reipas, and ice hockey under the name of Kiekkoreipas, who now play as Pelicans.


Reipas Lahti

The hallmark of Reipas in football is a shirt with vertical orange and black stripes.

From 1963 to 1970, Reipas won the Mestaruussarja three time, thus achieving a hat trick of Finnish championships. However, by 1996 the club was in financial difficulties, and the problem was solved by merging Reipas and they more recently arrived local rival Kuusysi. At the time both clubs played in the northern section of Division 1, i.e. on the second level, but at the end of the season Reipas found themselves in the relegation zone. [1]

FC Lahti

The new club was simply called FC Lahti, and it inherited Kuusysi's place in Division 1, now in the southern section. The place of Reipas, in 1997 Kakkonen was given to FC Pallo-Lahti, which was founded as a reserves team. Later this team was discontinued and the place in the division in question was given up.

FC Reipas

Together with the other changes, a club named FC Reipas was founded in 1996. Its task is to continued the tradition of bringing up new generations of footballers in Lahti, more specifically A and B juniors. Nowadays the club has teams in all age groups.

The club also has an elderly men's team. [1] [3]

The club organises the annual Lahti Soccer annual tournament.

Return of Reipas Lahti

Lahden Reipas, i.e. Reipas Lahti returned to men's competitive football for the season 2012, when it was given the former place of Reipas Salpausselkä in Division 3. [4]

Season to season

Season to Season
1931Tier 2B-Sarja(Second Division)Finnish FA (Suomen Palloliitto)3rd
1932Tier 2B-Sarja(Second Division)Finnish FA (Suomen Palloliitto)4th
1933Tier 2B-Sarja(Second Division)Finnish FA (Suomen Palloliitto)4th
1934Tier 2B-Sarja(Second Division)East GroupFinnish FA (Suomen Palloliitto)2ndPromotion Group 4th
1935Tier 2B-Sarja(Second Division)East GroupFinnish FA (Suomen Palloliitto)4th
1936Tier 2Itä-Länsi-Sarja(Second Division)East LeagueFinnish FA (Suomen Palloliitto)2ndPromotion Group 4th
1937Tier 2Itä-Länsi-Sarja(Second Division)East LeagueFinnish FA (Suomen Palloliitto)2nd
1938Tier 2Itä-Länsi-Sarja(Second Division)East League, South GroupFinnish FA (Suomen Palloliitto)1stPromotion Playoff - Promoted
1939Tier 1Mestaruussarja(Premier League)Finnish FA (Suomen Palloliitto)8thRelegated
1940-1944Wartime - activity ceased
1945-46Tier 3SPL Maakuntasarja(Third Division)Kymenlaakso North GroupFinnish FA (Suomen Pallolitto)2ndfirst season in Lahti
1946-47Tier 3SPL Maakuntasarja(Third Division)Häme East GroupFinnish FA (Suomen Pallolitto)1stPromotion Playoff
1947-48Tier 3SPL Maakuntasarja(Third Division)Häme East GroupFinnish FA (Suomen Pallolitto)1stPromotion Playoff
1948Tier 3Maakuntasarja(Third Division)South Group AFinnish FA (Suomen Pallolitto)1stPromotion Playoff
1949Tier 3Maakuntasarja(Third Division)South Group AFinnish FA (Suomen Pallolitto)2ndPromotion Playoff - Promoted
1950Tier 2Suomensarja(Second Division)East GroupFinnish FA (Suomen Palloliitto)10thRelegated
1951Tier 3Maakuntasarja(Third Division)South Group BFinnish FA (Suomen Pallolitto)5th
1952Tier 3Maakuntasarja(Third Division)South Group BFinnish FA (Suomen Pallolitto)3rd
1953Tier 3Maakuntasarja(Third Division)South Group BFinnish FA (Suomen Pallolitto)2nd
1954Tier 3Maakuntasarja(Third Division)Central Group IVFinnish FA (Suomen Pallolitto)1stPromotion Group East 6th
1955Tier 3Maakuntasarja(Third Division)West Group 2Finnish FA (Suomen Pallolitto)5th
1956Tier 3Maakuntasarja(Third Division)South Group IIFinnish FA (Suomen Pallolitto)3rd
1957Tier 3Maakuntasarja(Third Division)South Group IIFinnish FA (Suomen Pallolitto)3rd
1958Tier 3Maakuntasarja(Third Division)South Group II - South East FinlandFinnish FA (Suomen Pallolitto)4th
1959Tier 3Maakuntasarja(Third Division)Group 2 UusimaaFinnish FA (Suomen Pallolitto)1stPromoted
1960Tier 2Suomensarja(Second Division)East GroupFinnish FA (Suomen Palloliitto)1stPromoted
1961Tier 1Mestaruussarja(Premier League)Finnish FA (Suomen Palloliitto)5th
1962Tier 1Mestaruussarja(Premier League)Finnish FA (Suomen Palloliitto)2nd
1963Tier 1Mestaruussarja(Premier League)Finnish FA (Suomen Palloliitto)1stChampions
1964Tier 1Mestaruussarja(Premier League)Finnish FA (Suomen Palloliitto)5th
1965Tier 1Mestaruussarja(Premier League)Finnish FA (Suomen Palloliitto)3rd
1966Tier 1Mestaruussarja(Premier League)Finnish FA (Suomen Palloliitto)5th
1967Tier 1Mestaruussarja(Premier League)Finnish FA (Suomen Palloliitto)5thChampions
1968Tier 1Mestaruussarja(Premier League)Finnish FA (Suomen Palloliitto)2nd
1969Tier 1Mestaruussarja(Premier League)Finnish FA (Suomen Palloliitto)4th
1970Tier 1Mestaruussarja(Premier League)Finnish FA (Suomen Palloliitto)1stChampions
1971Tier 1Mestaruussarja(Premier League)Finnish FA (Suomen Palloliitto)9th
1972Tier 1Mestaruussarja(Premier League)Finnish FA (Suomen Palloliitto)3rd
1973Tier 1Mestaruussarja(Premier League)Finnish FA (Suomen Palloliitto)3rd
1974Tier 1Mestaruussarja(Premier League)Finnish FA (Suomen Palloliitto)2nd
1975Tier 1Mestaruussarja(Premier League)Finnish FA (Suomen Palloliitto)6th
1976Tier 1Mestaruussarja(Premier League)Finnish FA (Suomen Palloliitto)4th
1977Tier 1Mestaruussarja(Premier League)Finnish FA (Suomen Palloliitto)5th
1978Tier 1Mestaruussarja(Premier League)Finnish FA (Suomen Palloliitto)9th
1979Tier 1Mestaruussarja(Premier League)Finnish FA (Suomen Palloliitto)4thChampionship Group 5th
1980Tier 1Mestaruussarja(Premier League)Finnish FA (Suomen Palloliitto)10thRelegation Group 8th - Relegated
1981Tier 2I Divisioona(First Division)Finnish FA (Suomen Palloliitto)6thRelegation Group 2nd
1982Tier 2I Divisioona(First Division)Finnish FA (Suomen Palloliitto)1stPromotion Group 2nd - Promoted
1983Tier 1Mestaruussarja(Premier League)Finnish FA (Suomen Palloliitto)11thRelegation Group 7th - Relegated
1984Tier 2I Divisioona(First Division)Finnish FA (Suomen Palloliitto)5th
1985Tier 2I Divisioona(First Division)Finnish FA (Suomen Palloliitto)2ndPromotion Playoff
1986Tier 2I Divisioona(First Division)Finnish FA (Suomen Palloliitto)1stPromoted
1987Tier 1Mestaruussarja(Premier League)Finnish FA (Suomen Palloliitto)10th
1988Tier 1Mestaruussarja(Premier League)Finnish FA (Suomen Palloliitto)3rdChampionship Group 4th
1989Tier 1Mestaruussarja(Premier League)Finnish FA (Suomen Palloliitto)8thRelegation Group 2nd
1990Tier 1Futisliiga(Premier League)Finnish FA (Suomen Palloliitto)5th
1991Tier 1Futisliiga(Premier League)Finnish FA (Suomen Palloliitto)12thRelegated
1992Tier 2I Divisioona(First Division)Finnish FA (Suomen Palloliitto)12thRelegated
1993Tier 3Kakkonen(Second Division)East GroupFinnish FA (Suomen Pallolitto)2ndPromoted
1994Tier 2Ykkönen(First Division)Finnish FA (Suomen Palloliitto)4th
1995Tier 2Ykkönen(First Division)Finnish FA (Suomen Palloliitto)4th
1996Tier 2Ykkönen(First Division)North GroupFinnish FA (Suomen Palloliitto)9thRelegated - Merged with Kuusysi to form FC Lahti
1997-2011Only youth teams
2012Tier 4Kolmonen(Third Division)Group 3Helsinki & Uusimaa (SPL Uusimaa)3rd
2013Tier 4Kolmonen(Third Division)Group 3Helsinki & Uusimaa (SPL Uusimaa)2nd
2014Tier 4Kolmonen(Third Division)Group 3Helsinki & Uusimaa (SPL Uusimaa)3rd
2015Tier 4Kolmonen(Third Division)Group 3Helsinki & Uusimaa (SPL Uusimaa)5th
2016Tier 4Kolmonen(Third Division)Group 3Helsinki & Uusimaa (SPL Uusimaa)2nd
2017Tier 4Kolmonen(Third Division)Group 3Helsinki & Uusimaa (SPL Uusimaa)3rd
2018Tier 4Kolmonen(Third Division)Group 3Helsinki & Uusimaa (SPL Uusimaa)1stPromoted
2019Tier 3Kakkonen(Second Division)Group AFinnish FA (Suomen Pallolitto)6th


Honours in football

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