Richard Stuverud

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Richard Stuverud
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Stuverud performing in 2013
Background information
Born (1969-09-26) September 26, 1969 (age 51)
Origin Seattle, Washington, U.S.
Occupation(s)Musician, composer, arranger, songwriter
InstrumentsDrums, percussion
Years active1983–present
Associated acts The Fastbacks, War Babies, Three Fish, RNDM

Richard Allen Stuverud Jr. (born September 26, 1969) is an American drummer from Seattle, Washington. [1] [2] He lives in Oakland, California where he writes, arranges and produces songs. He plays with the Oakland bands, REQ'D, Lefav and Slow Phase and collaborated with lyricist, Derek McCulloch on “Memories in Kodachrome” Stuverud’s debut solo record, released May 1, 2020. The 7" vinyl, "Not Afraid/Put your Guns Down" written by Stuverud in response to the Paris attacks and against gun violence [3] was produced by Ament and released by Monkey Wrench Records in 2017. [4]


Known for playing in several bands in the Seattle scene, his first was the punk rock band The Fastbacks. [5] Through the mid-90s, Stuverud played in the bands Three Fish and Tres Mts., [6] both side projects of Pearl Jam bassist, Jeff Ament. [7] Three Fish released the albums Three Fish (1996) and The Quiet Table (1999), through Epic Records. The album Tres Mts. (Three Mountains), with Doug Pinnick of King's X and guest guitarist Mike McCready, was released in 2011. Pearl Jam's 2011 box set, Vitalogy, includes the previously-unreleased demo version of "Nothingman" with Stuverud on drums. [8]

In 2012, he worked again with Jeff Ament, this time with NYC singer-songwriter, Joseph Arthur, to form the band, RNDM. [9] They released their debut album, Acts (2012) [10] and followed up with Ghost Riding (2016). [11] [12] Stuverud has collaborated with Ament on his solo albums, including Tone (2008) [13] and While my Heart Beats (2012). [14] Stuverud is also on drums for Ament's third solo album, Heaven/Hell(2018). [15]

A member of the Seattle band War Babies, he also played in Suicide Squad, the side project of the Brad Sinsel of TKO and for a short time in the power metal band, Fifth Angel, appearing in the 1989 video for the song, "Time Will Tell." He played in several other bands in Seattle, including the cover band, Luv. Co (with Mother Love Bone and War Babies members), and Blind Horse, which featured Bruce Fairweather, ex-guitarist of Mother Love Bone and bass player in Love Battery. He later joined the Portland band, Pilot, and released the album, Stranger's Waltz, in 1998. [16]

Stuverud has recorded and toured internationally with South-African artist, Robbi Robb in Tribe After Tribe, Nash Kato of Urge Overkill, U.K. artists, Paul Newsome and Proud Mary, and the NYC band, White Light Motorcade. His versatility on drums landed him national tours with Chicago Blues man, Barkin' Bill Smith as well as Nashville's Gary Allan. Stuverud also continued to collaborate with Robbi Robb, contributing to the Tribe After Tribe albums, M.O.A.B. (2007) and Pearls Before Swine (1997) as well as Robb's 3rd Ear Experience albums, Stoned Gold (2017) and Stones of a Feather (2016).





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