Sha Tin Sports Ground

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Sha Tin Sports Ground
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Shatin Sports Ground
Sha Tin Sports Ground
Location18 Yuen Wo Road, Sha Tin, Hong Kong   Flag of Hong Kong.svg
Owner Hong Kong Government
Capacity 5,000
Surface Grass
Broke ground1983;38 years ago (1983)
OpenedJanuary 1984;37 years ago (1984-01)
Shatin Sports Association

Sha Tin Sports Ground is a multi-use stadium at 18 Yuen Wo Road, Sha Tin, Hong Kong. It is adjacent to the Shing Mun River. It is currently used mostly for football matches by Shatin Sports Association. The stadium holds 5,000.



Hong Kong First Division League

Shatin will use the sports ground as the home stadium in the 200910 season. [1]

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Fo Tan is an area of Sha Tin, New Territories, Hong Kong. It was developed as a light industrial area, but this activity has declined markedly in recent years. There are residential areas to the east, alongside the MTR line, and in the foothills to the west.

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Sha Tin New Town, or known as Sha Tin-Ma On Shan New Town or Sha Tin Town is one of the satellite towns and new towns of Hong Kong. It is within the Sha Tin District, the New Territories. The New Town covers the neighbourhoods such as Sha Tin, Tai Wai, Fo Tan, Tai Shui Hang, Ma On Shan. The Shing Mun River runs through the middle of the town.

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The 2009–10 Hong Kong Football Association First Division League was the 98th top tier football league of Hong Kong. Because of the renovation of Mong Kok Stadium which will last for two league seasons, the current First Division League has allocated eight stadia for the eleven participating teams to play their home games.

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Sand Martin Bridge Road bridge in Hong Kong

The Sand Martin Bridge is one of Hong Kong's bridges, part of the Sha Tin Rural Committee Road, named after the Shatin Martins, the first baseball team from Hong Kong to win a league. The Sand Martin bridge crosses the Shing Mun River, Connecting Sha Tin Town Centre with Sha Tin Wai.


Coordinates: 22°23′14″N114°11′49″E / 22.38722°N 114.19694°E / 22.38722; 114.19694