Southern Cross Transit

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Southern Cross Transit
ParentFrank Oliveri
Headquarters Karana Downs
Service area Ipswich
Service typeBus & coach operator
RoutesSchool and Charter services/routes
Fleet25 (September 2014)

Southern Cross Transit is an Australian operator of school bus and charter services in the western suburbs of Brisbane and Ipswich in South East Queensland.



Southern Cross Transit was formed in 1980 by former Lowe's Bus Service, Sydney proprietor Wally Horwood. It built up a network of school buses in the western suburbs of Brisbane and Ipswich. [1] [2]

In August 2002, Southern Cross Transit was purchased by the Oliveri family, proprietors of Interline Bus Services, Sydney. [3] [4] In August 2008, Southern Cross commenced operating a service between Ipswich and Indoorpilly. This ceased in June 2009. [5]


As at October 2014, the fleet consisted of 25 buses and coaches. [3]


Southern Cross Transit operates out of depot in Karana Downs. [3]

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