Symbiotics (album)

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Studio album by
Released2 November 1999
Genre Illbient
Label Force Inc. Music Works
Producer Justin Broadrick, Thomas Köner, Kevin Martin, Andy Mellwig
Techno Animal chronology
Radio Hades
The Brotherhood of the Bomb
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Symbiotics is a collaborative album by Porter Ricks and Techno Animal, released on 2 November 1999 through Force Inc. Music Works.


Track listing

1."Polytoxic 1" Thomas Köner, Andy Mellwig4:49
2."Hydrozoid" Justin Broadrick, Kevin Martin 5:56
3."Polytoxic 2"Thomas Köner, Andy Mellwig6:18
4."Bio-Morphium"Justin Broadrick, Kevin Martin6:07
5."Phosphoric"Thomas Köner, Andy Mellwig8:53
6."Anthrazite"Justin Broadrick, Kevin Martin7:55
7."Ionic"Thomas Köner, Andy Mellwig12:56
8."Monosphate"Justin Broadrick, Kevin Martin5:45


Additional musicians and production

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