Techno Animal Versus Reality

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Techno Animal Versus Reality
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Studio album and Remix album by
Released30 March 1998
Genre Illbient
Label City Slang
Producer Justin Broadrick, Kevin Martin
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Techno Animal Versus Reality
Radio Hades
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Techno Animal Versus Reality is a remix album by the Illbient band Techno Animal, released on 30 March 1998 through City Slang.


Track listing

1."Demonoid" 6:49
2."Demonoid" (remix) Porter Ricks 6:30
3."Deceleration" 5:35
4."Deceleration" (remix) Ui 3:43
5."Baka" 8:31
6."Baka" (remix) Spectre 6:08
7."Bionic Beatbox" 6:33
8."Bionic Beatbox" (remix) Tortoise 5:18
9."Atomic Buddha" 6:00
10."Atomic Buddha" (remix) Alec Empire 5:44


Techno Animal
Additional musicians and production

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