Radio Hades

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Radio Hades
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Compilation album by
Released21 September 1998
Genre Illbient
Label Position Chrome
Producer Justin Broadrick, Kevin Martin
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Techno Animal Versus Reality
Radio Hades
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Radio Hades is a compilation album by the Illbient band Techno Animal, released on 21 September 1998 through Position Chrome. It comprises tracks from various compilation albums which have been edited and remixed for their release here.


NME described the album as "bold experiments from that shadowy borderland between instrumental hip-hop and avant-garde noise" and gave it a 6/10 rating. [2]

Track listing

All tracks are written by Techno Animal.

1."The Myth/Illogical"5:33
4."Return of the Venom"6:58
5."Interplanetary War Chant"5:12
6."Disciples of Dark"5:12
7."Dread Time Warp"5:13
11."Bass Concussion"5:09
12."Ill Sinner"3:37
13."Phantom Tribe"4:51


Techno Animal
Additional musicians and production

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