The Detroit Cobras

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The Detroit Cobras
The Detroit Cobras play The Santa Fe Brewing Co., 6 June 2008
Background information
Origin Detroit, Michigan
Genres Garage rock
Years active1994present
LabelsBlack Mamba, Human Fly, Scooch Pooch, Sympathy for the Record Industry, Rough Trade, Bloodshot
Associated actsBig Chief, The Black Crowes, Electric Six, Elvis Hitler, The Fondas, Ko and the Knockouts, Oblivians, Reigning Sound, Rocket 455, Vertical Pillows, Meg White
Website Official website
MembersRachel Nagy : Vocals, Piano
Mary Ramirez : Guitar
Past membersSteve Shaw : Guitar
Soup : Guitar
Dante Adrian White : Guitar
Dan Meister : Guitar
Greg Cartwright : Guitar
Mike "Hadji" Hodgkiss : Guitar
Eddie Baranek : Guitar
Reuben Glazer : Guitar
Brad Meinerding : Guitar
Joey Mazzola : Guitar, Bass
Steve Nawara : Guitar, Bass
Jeff Meier : Bass guitar
Rob Smith : Bass Guitar
John Szymanski : Bass guitar
Matt O'Brien : Bass guitar
Jim Diamond : Bass
Eddie Harsch : Bass guitar
Ko Melina : Bass guitar
Carol Schumacher : Bass Guitar
Gina Rodriguez : Bass Guitar
Jake Culkowski : Bass Guitar
Dale Wilson : Bass
Nick Lucassian : Drums, Bass
Vic Hill : Drums
Chris Fachini : Drums
Damian Lang : Drums
Kenny Tudrick: Drums
Dave Shettler : Drums
Skeeto Valdez : Drums
Tony DeCurtis : Drums
Dave Vaughn : Drums
Johnny "Bee" Badanjek : Drums
Richie Wohlfeil : Drums

The Detroit Cobras are an American garage rock band from Detroit, Michigan, formed in 1994.



The Detroit Cobras signed with Sympathy for the Record Industry and released their first full-length album, Mink, Rat or Rabbit , in 1998. After a three-year gap, they released a second album, Life, Love and Leaving . The two albums consisted entirely of cover versions of popular songs from the 1960s. Their retro-garage rock formula proved popular in the UK and prompted the London-based Rough Trade Records [1] to sign the band. They released an EP, Seven Easy Pieces , in 2003 and their third full-length album, Baby , in 2004. Baby broke with the Cobras' tradition in that it included one original song, "Hot Dog (Watch Me Eat)". Baby was picked up for release in the US by Bloodshot [2] (who added the songs from the Seven Easy Pieces EP to the end of Baby. In April 2007, Bloodshot released the band's fourth full-length, Tied & True .

The band is known for multiple lineup changes, as noted in the side bar. They generally have a touring lineup different from their recording lineup. Greg Cartwright of Reigning Sound (aka Greg Oblivian of The Oblivians) has been a constant creative force along with Nagy and Ramirez, who have been around since the group's genesis.

In the summer of 2008, The Detroit Cobras went on tour in support of X on their 13x31 tour. For the summer of 2009, The Detroit Cobras headlined a tour w/ the Dex Romweber Duo in support.


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<i>Seven Easy Pieces</i> (EP) 2003 EP by The Detroit Cobras

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