The Inseparables

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The Inseparables
Directed by Adelqui Migliar
John Stafford
Written by Giuseppe Guarino
Adelqui Migliar
John Stafford
Produced byAdelqui Migliar
Starring Elissa Landi
Patrick Aherne
Annette Benson
Jerrold Robertshaw
Distributed by Warner Brothers
Release date
March 1929
Running time
6,586 feet [1]
CountryUnited Kingdom
English intertitles

The Inseparables is a 1929 British silent romance film directed by Adelqui Migliar and John Stafford and starring Elissa Landi, Patrick Aherne and Annette Benson. It was filmed at the Whitehall Studios at Elstree.



A smuggler falls in love with a gypsy girl he meets, but she seems to prefer his companion.


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