The Rose, Vol. 2

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The Rose, Vol. 2
Compilation album (Poetry)by
ReleasedSeptember 20, 2005 (US)
Genre Poetry
Label Amaru Entertainment
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The Rose, Vol. 2 is a 2005 posthumous album of Tupac Shakur's poetry. This album features recordings of Tupac's poetry in musical form, by other well-known artists such as Ludacris and Bone Thugs n Harmony. Tupac's poems are quoted, sung or simply used as inspiration for each track on this album. This is the second album of Tupac's poetry; the first, The Rose that Grew from Concrete , contains his poems being read and sung by other musical performers.

Track listing

1."Intro"Black Ice1:12
2."Power of a Smile" Bone Thugs-n-Harmony 4:38
3."The Eternal Lament"Celina4:04
4."Fallen Star" Talib Kweli 4:49
5."In the Depths of Solitude" Ludacris 4:18
6."Movin' On" Lyfe Jennings 2:59
7."Life Through My Eyes" Tupac & Memphis Bleek 4:12
8."When Ure Heart Turns Cold" Outlawz 3:51
9."Black Women" Jamal Joseph & Che Davis3:00
10."Only 4 the Righteous" Yo-Yo 3:41
11."Where There Is a Will..." Boot Camp Clik 4:47
12."When Ur Hero Falls"Impact Kids & Jessica "Betty Jo" Santos3:31
13."And 2morrow" Shock G 3:35
14."If I Fail" Dead Prez 4:20
15."Poetry"Amber and Morgan (2Pac's Kids)3:45

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Katari Terrance Cox better known by his stage name Kastro, is an American rapper. A cousin of Tupac Shakur, Kastro would perform alongside him in the former's rap group, the Outlawz, and is featured on many of the late rapper's songs such as "Made Niggaz", and "Hail Mary". When he was in elementary school, he introduced his friend, and future Outlawz rapper, Malcolm Greenridge, later named E.D.I. Mean, to his cousin.

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Yemenite Jewish poetry, often referred to as "paraliturgical poetry" because of its religious nature, has been an integral part of Yemenite Jewish culture since time immemorial. The Jews of Yemen have preserved a well-defined singing arrangement which not only includes the very poetic creation itself, but also involves a vocal and dance performance, accompanied in certain villages outside Sana'a by drumming on an empty tin-can (tanakeh) or a copper tray. The Jews of Yemen, maintaining strict adherence to Talmudic and Maimonidean halakha, observed the gezeirah which prohibited playing musical instruments, and "instead of developing the playing of musical instruments, they perfected singing and rhythm." This arrangement was integrated into the walks of life familiar to the Jews of Yemen. The texts used in the arrangement were put down in writing and later included in separate song collections (dīwāns). The social strictures and norms in Yemenite Jewish culture provide for separate settings for men and for women, where the sexes are never mixed. Men’s song usually expressed the national aspirations of the Jewish people, and it was far removed from the singing associated with the Muslim environment, whereas folk songs of Jewish women were sung by rote memory and expressed the happiness and sorrows inherent in their daily life and was, as a rule, closer to that of Muslim women.

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