This Was a Woman

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This Was a Woman
This Was a Woman (1948 film).jpg
Trade ad, Kinematograph Weekly , 1948
Directed by Tim Whelan
Written by Val Valentine (adapted from the film treatment by Joan Morgan)
Based onplay This Was a Woman by Joan Morgan
Produced by Marcel Hellman
Edited by Edward B. Jarvis
Music by Mischa Spoliansky
Excelsior Films
Distributed by Twentieth Century Fox
Release dates
  • 21 June 1948 (1948-06-21)(United Kingdom)
  • 4 January 1949 (1949-01-04)(United States)
Running time
102 minutes
CountryUnited Kingdom

This Was a Woman is a 1948 British crime film directed by Tim Whelan and starring Sonia Dresdel, Walter Fitzgerald and Emrys Jones. [1] It was made at the Riverside Studios with sets designed by the art directors Ivan King and Andrew Mazzei. [2] Based on a successful play by former film actress Joan Morgan, [3] its plot concerns an outwardly respectable family dominated by a murderous matriarch. [4]




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