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Thomas Thiemeyer

Thomas Thiemeyer (born 22 March 1963) is a German illustrator and author of fantasy novels. Since 2018, he also has published crime stories set in Corsica under the pen name Vitu Falconi.

An illustrator is an artist who specializes in enhancing writing or elucidating concepts by providing a visual representation that corresponds to the content of the associated text or idea. The illustration may be intended to clarify complicated concepts or objects that are difficult to describe textually, which is the reason illustrations are often found in children's books.

An author is the creator or originator of any written work such as a book or play, and is also considered a writer. More broadly defined, an author is "the person who originated or gave existence to anything" and whose authorship determines responsibility for what was created.

Corsica territorial collectivity of France

Corsica is an island in the Mediterranean Sea and one of the 18 regions of France. It is located southeast of the French mainland and west of the Italian Peninsula, with the nearest land mass being the Italian island of Sardinia to the immediate south. A single chain of mountains makes up two-thirds of the island.


Thiemeyer studied art and geology in Cologne. His first children's book was published in 1989 by the Ravensburger publishing house, where he also worked as graphic advisor. Two years later, he decided to become a freelance artist, illustrating games, children's books, book covers and much more.

Art Creative work to evoke emotional response

Art is a diverse range of human activities in creating visual, auditory or performing artifacts (artworks), expressing the author's imaginative, conceptual ideas, or technical skill, intended to be appreciated for their beauty or emotional power. In their most general form these activities include the production of works of art, the criticism of art, the study of the history of art, and the aesthetic dissemination of art.

Geology The study of the composition, structure, physical properties, and history of Earths components, and the processes by which they are shaped.

Geology is an earth science concerned with the solid Earth, the rocks of which it is composed, and the processes by which they change over time. Geology can also include the study of the solid features of any terrestrial planet or natural satellite such as Mars or the Moon. Modern geology significantly overlaps all other earth sciences, including hydrology and the atmospheric sciences, and so is treated as one major aspect of integrated earth system science and planetary science.

Cologne City in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

Cologne is the largest city of Germany's most populous federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia and the fourth most populous city in Germany after Berlin, Hamburg, and Munich. With slightly over a million inhabitants within its city boundaries, Cologne is the largest city on the Rhine and also the most populous city both of the Rhine-Ruhr Metropolitan Region, which is Germany's largest and one of Europe's major metropolitan areas, and of the Rhineland. Centered on the left bank of the Rhine, Cologne is about 45 kilometres (28 mi) southeast of North Rhine-Westphalia's capital of Düsseldorf and 25 kilometres (16 mi) northwest of Bonn. It is the largest city in the Central Franconian and Ripuarian dialect areas.

Among other publishers, he has worked for Heyne Verlag, Arena, Fantasy Productions, Beltz & Gelberg, HarperCollins, Random House and Wizards of the Coast. In 2014, one of his paintings based on the biblical story of Noah was exhibited in an art show in New York City curated by the American film director Darren Aronofsky. [1] In Germany, Thiemeyer's work was repeatedly awarded the Kurd-Laßwitz-Preis and the Deutscher Phantastik-Preis (a German Fantasy award).

The Heyne Verlag is a German publisher based in Munich, which was founded in Dresden in 1934 and sold to Axel Springer in 2000. In 2004 it became part of Random House. Heyne was one of the largest publishing houses in Germany in 1999.

Fantasy Productions company

Fantasy Productions Medienvertriebsgesellschaft GmbH is a German publishing company based in Erkrath.

HarperCollins Publishers L.L.C. is one of the world's largest publishing companies and is one of the Big Five English-language publishing companies, alongside Penguin Random House, Simon & Schuster, Hachette and Macmillan. The company is headquartered in New York City and is a subsidiary of News Corp. The name is a combination of several publishing firm names: Harper & Row, an American publishing company acquired in 1987, together with UK publishing company William Collins, Sons, acquired in 1990.

In 2004, his debut novel "Medusa" published by Droemer Knaur became an international success. Many other novels both for adults as well as for young readers followed, some of them became bestsellers. His novels have been translated into English, Spanish, Dutch, Czech, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Korean, Italian, Turkish, Chinese, Portuguese as well as Slovenian.

Debut novel first published by an author

A debut novel is the first novel a novelist publishes. Debut novels are often the author's first opportunity to make an impact on the publishing industry, and thus the success or failure of a debut novel can affect the ability of the author to publish in the future. First-time novelists without a previous published reputation, such as publication in nonfiction, magazines, or literary journals, typically struggle to find a publisher.

Droemer Knaur is a publishing group based in Munich. The group consists of the book publishers Droemer, Knaur, the Pattloch Publisher and O.W. Barth. Droemer Knaur belongs to the Georg von Holtzbrinck Publishing Group. In addition, the publishing group cooperates with neobooks, a free provider under the self-publishing platform for self-publishing e-books.

Spanish language Romance language

Spanish or Castilian, is a Romance language that originated in the Iberian Peninsula and today has hundreds of millions of native speakers in Spain and the Americas. It is a global language and the world's second-most spoken native language, after Mandarin Chinese.

His stories are set in the tradition of classic adventure novels and often deal with the discovery of ancient cultures, including supernatural threats by mysterious powers. - As he had previously illustrated a picture book on dinosaurs, Thiemeyer was invited in 1998 to draw pictures for a book for young readers in Tanzania on the dinosaurs of Tendaguru, the historic and most important discovery of dinosaur fossils in Africa.

Dinosaurs of Tendaguru Tanzanian book for young readers on dinosaurs from East Africa

Dinosaurs of Tendaguru is a Tanzanian book for young readers on natural history, focussing on the excavation of dinosaur fossils at Tendaguru in the Lindi Region of South Eastern Tanzania. It was written in the country’s official language Kiswahili by authors Cassian Magori and Charles Saanane, with illustrations by the German graphic artist Thomas Thiemeyer. This book was published in 1998 with the support of the Goethe-Institut in Dar es Salaam, the local branch of the German cultural institute, by E&D Vision Publishing, Tanzania.

Thomas Thiemeyer lives in Stuttgart, Germany, with his wife and two sons.

Stuttgart Place in Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Stuttgart is the capital and largest city of the German state of Baden-Württemberg. Stuttgart is located on the Neckar river in a fertile valley known locally as the "Stuttgart Cauldron". It lies an hour from the Swabian Jura and the Black Forest. Its urban area has a population of 634,830, making it the sixth largest city in Germany. 2.8 million people live in the city's administrative region and 5.3 million people in its metropolitan area, making it the fourth largest metropolitan area in Germany. The city and metropolitan area are consistently ranked among the top 20 European metropolitan areas by GDP; Mercer listed Stuttgart as 21st on its 2015 list of cities by quality of living, innovation agency 2thinknow ranked the city 24th globally out of 442 cities and the Globalization and World Cities Research Network ranked the city as a Beta-status world city in their 2014 survey.


Novels for readers of all ages:

Researcher Hannah Peter makes a strange discovery: a Medusa sculpture, with snakelike extremities and a cyclops eye, indicates that there is a cave deep in the mountains, where a fantastically beautiful and incredibly dangerous object is located. A team from the National Geographic Society is assigned to search for this treasure. Along with Chris, the climatologist of the group, Hannah discovers the origin and at the same time the end of an age-old culture.

The young geneticist David Astbury is asked by a wealthy friend of his father's for help, as her daughter Emily has disappeared while on an expedition in the Congo. She was on a hunt for the legendary monster Mokèlé-mbèmbé, the sole survivor of the age of dinosaurs. Thus, David prepares to go into the depths of the jungle of the Congo. He is accompanied by a Congolese biologist and two foreign game hunters. When they seek out the ancient reptile at Lake Tele, strange events begin to unfold. The reptile holds a genetic secret, which could forever change the way of life on earth.

Seismologist Dr. Ella Jordan gets the news that strange signals are being received in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. They are, however, much too regular to be caused by anything natural and seem to originate from the 10,000 meter deep Mariana Trench. Ella drops everything to join a team of researchers heading over there in the most advanced submarine in the world. Along with a Japanese crew, an attractive U.S. Marine officer, and a somewhat shady Swiss professor, Konrad Martin, Ella and her team descent to the deepest spot on earth and barely escape disaster: They find a gigantic, perfectly round stone that reacts to their probing with a deadly heat ray. What hardly anyone knows is that hidden away in the mountains of Switzerland, there is an underground lab, where scientists are working on a similar, though smaller ball of stone, found decades earlier next to the corpse of a geologist. Suddenly new signals are detected: first from the North Pole, then from Russia, Australia, and the Antarctic. Ella and Konrad Martin find these same inexplicable stone shapes everywhere. When the stones’ signals start to be sent in unison, the resulting seismic waves are so strong that they cause earthquakes and volcanoes, but that is just the beginning. A countdown to disaster begins, and Ella recognizes the terrible truth. The threat does not come from this world.

Around the Brocken in the Harz Mountains, towns and hotels are preparing for the Walpurgis Night, and archaeologist Hannah Peters is on her way. Her job is to explore the mysterious Nebra sky disk, a spectacular Bronze Age find. What she doesn't know: The disc is the object of desire of a dark cult, lurking in the caves of the Harz mountains, having waited for a long time to celebrate an all-destructive ritual. Hannah is drawn deeper and deeper into the force of the cult - and soon strange celestial phenomena announce a Walpurgis Night, that will never end.

Amy Walker, a biologist specializing on gorillas, has nightmares ever since a member of her team has mysteriously disappeared. Ironically, an ex-con is to join the team. Nobody - except the gorillas - trusts him. Despite threatening solar activity and strange weather phenomena, the team travels to the East African Rwenzori Mountains to locate the missing persons, and an adventure starts that takes Amy to the limits of her mind.

Novels for young readers:



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