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Thornbridge Brewery
Industry Brewing
Key people
Jim Harrison & Simon Webster
Products Beer
Production output
30,000 hectolitre capacity [1]

The Thornbridge Brewery is an independent brewery [2] founded in the grounds of Thornbridge Hall in Ashford-in-the-Water near Bakewell, Derbyshire, England.



The first Thornbridge craft beers were produced in February 2005 in a 10-barrel brewery, [3] housed in the grounds of Thornbridge Hall. [4]

A new state of the art 30-barrel brewery [5] at Bakewell was opened in September 2009 [6] with an aim to continue to brew high quality cask, keg and bottled beers and develop new ones through innovation in process [7] and usage of the finest natural ingredients. [8] The original Hall Brewery continues to operate in developing new, seasonal and speciality beers.

Thornbridge has won more than 350 awards since its opening, [9] including the Gold Medal (Best Black IPA in the World) at the World Beer Awards 2012 [10] and 2013 [11] for Wild Raven, Gold Medal (Best Kölsch in the World) at the World Beer Awards 2013 [12] and 2015 [13] for Tzara, Silver Medal (strong ales) at the Great British Beer Festival in August 2006 [14] ) for Jaipur IPA - named also as one of The Top 50 Food and Drinks in Britain. [15] In May 2014, Thornbridge was recognised as the Best Drinks Producer in the BBC Radio 4 Food and Farming Awards 2014. [16] It has also won awards at the World Beer Cup: 2010 Silver Bracia, 2012 Bronze Raven and 2014 Silver Wild Swan. [17] It also won the 2015 Beer Marketing Awards [18] for Best Use of Competitions.

The brewery has been called the first UK craft brewery [19] and its beers are now distributed in over 30 countries. [20]

The brewery celebrated 10 years of brewing in 2015 with the launch of Jaipur X [21] – a 10% version of its multi-award winning Jaipur IPA (5.9%) [22] (Britain Best Beer 2013, [23] National SIBA Awards 2012, [24] GBBF Champion Keg Ale Award 2011 and Great Taste Awards [25] - are a few examples).

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