Those Love Pangs

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Those Love Pangs
Those Love Pangs (poster).jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Charlie Chaplin
Produced by Mack Sennett
StarringCharles Chaplin
Chester Conklin
Cecile Arnold
Vivian Edwards
Cinematography Frank D. Williams
Distributed by Mutual Film
Release date
  • October 10, 1914 (1914-10-10)
Running time
16 minutes
CountryUnited States
LanguageSilent film
English (Original titles)

Those Love Pangs, also known as The Rival Mashers, is an American silent comedy film. It was released in 1914 produced by Keystone Studios starring Charlie Chaplin and Chester Conklin with the participation of Cecile Arnold, Vivian Edwards and Helen Carruthers.


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The Masher played by Charlie Chaplin fights for the attention of the landlady with the Rival played by Chester Conklin at the beginning of the film. The Rival makes his attempt first. While he is talking to the Landlady played by Helen Carruthers the Masher pokes him with a fork from behind a curtain. The Rival gets upset and returns to the table. The Masher makes a gesture to the Rival and goes on to talk to the landlady. As the Masher sweet talks the Landlady, the Rival does the same thing the Masher did to him. The Landlady gets upset and walks away from the Masher. Upset, the Masher returns to the table and takes the Rival outside by his tie. [1]

They eventually go their separate ways when the Masher goes into a bar and the Rival keeps walking toward the park. Before the Masher goes into the bar, he is distracted by a blonde girl (Cecile Arnold) who blinks at him. The girl turns and the Masher follows her until her tall boyfriend appears. The Masher runs away. [1]

Once at the park the Masher finds the Rival with a Brunette girl (Vivian Edwards). The girl the Masher had encountered before ends up at the park as well with her boyfriend. The Masher becomes jealous. He follows the two girls to a theater where he sits between them. He finally has the attention of both girls and zones off. The boyfriend and the Rival come into the theater to find the Masher with their respective girlfriends. The girls see their boyfriends and run out of the theater. The Masher is in his own world and did not realized the girls had been replaced by the tall boyfriend and the Rival. He opens his eyes and realizes what is happening. He quickly jumps up and the two upset men fight him. The Masher gets thrown into the screen. [1]


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The cast of the film

References from the film

Harry A. Grace published the article Charlie Chaplin's Films and American Culture Patterns in the Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism in which he analyzes Chaplin's films. He categorizes each of Chaplin's films under a category that corresponds to an era of the United States. [2] According to Grace, seventy-nine percent of the themes in Chaplin's films are about relationships between the sexes. ‘’’Those Love Pangs’’’ was place under this category. [2] There is the some kind of battle between the two sexes. Chaplin’s character the masher flights for girls with other gentlemen in the film. [3]


A reviewer from Motion Picture World wrote, "Charles Chaplin and Chester Conklin disport themselves in further love affairs in this number."

A reviewer from Bioscope wrote "The volatile Charlie succeeds in making himself agreeable to two ladies at a picture show, but his rivals succeed as usual in reducing him to a state of mental and physical collapse."

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Vivian Edwards American actress (1896-1949)

Vivian Edwards was an American actress of silent film.


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