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Thrash Zone
Dri thrash zone cover.jpg
Studio album by
ReleasedOctober 10, 1989
RecordedAugust–September 1989
StudioCornerstone (Chatsworth, California)
Preferred Sound (Woodland Hills, California)
Track Recorded (North Hollywood, California)
Genre Crossover thrash
Label Metal Blade
Producer Spike Cassidy and Bill Metoyer
D.R.I. chronology
4 of a Kind
Thrash Zone
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Thrash Zone is the fifth album by the American crossover thrash band D.R.I., released in 1989. It continues the thrash metal style of the previous album, 4 of a Kind . Thrash Zone was D.R.I.'s most successful album to date, and produced the song "Beneath the Wheel", which was made as a music video and received airplay on MTV. The song also was featured in the video game Skate 2 . The album also contained the song "Abduction" which would also have a video made for it.

Track listing

2."Beneath the Wheel"5:36
3."Enemy Within"2:44
5."Labeled Uncurable"3:04
6."You Say I'm Scum"1:55
7."Gun Control"4:59
8."Kill the Words"4:43
9."Drown You Out"2:31
10."The Trade"4:28
11."Standing in Line"1:35
12."Give a Hoot"3:55
13."Worker Bee"0:56


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