Three Bites of the Apple

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Three Bites of the Apple
Three Bites of the Apple.jpg
Theatrical release poster by Ron Lesser [1]
Directed by Alvin Ganzer
Written by George Wells
Produced byAlvin Ganzer
Cinematography Gábor Pogány
Edited by Norman Savage
Music byEddy Lawrence Manson
Distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Release date
May 24, 1967 (USA)
Running time
105 minutes

Three Bites of the Apple is a 1967 American romantic comedy film directed by Alvin Ganzer. [2] [3]



Stanley Thrumm is a British tour guide. An unlikely night of successful casino gambling on the Italian Riviera leaves him wealthy but in a quandary. If he returns to England with the cash, most of it will go to British taxes. He decides to smuggle the money to Switzerland and establish a bank account there. Carla Moretti, a beautiful bystander at the casino, volunteers to help, but in fact intends to fleece Thrumm with the help of her ex-husband. As summarized by Michael Betzold, the "lightweight comedy" turns into a "long car chase with many comic diversions and a lot of Alpine scenery". [4]

There also is a soundtrack album where David McCallum sings the theme song over the opening credits.


Production notes

The film is currently available through the Warner Archive Collection.

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