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The A Three Rivers District is a high school conference of the Virginia High School League located in Southwest Virginia.



The district was originally named for the New River, Roanoke River, and Little River and was focused on the New River Valley. In 2017, the VHSL shuffled many districts, including the Three Rivers, because of demographic changes. In an effort to have schools of similar size competing in the same districts, smaller members were removed from the conference as Auburn and Giles High Schools moved to the A Mountain Empire District and Eastern Montgomery shifted to the A Pioneer District. These schools were replaced when Pioneer District powerhouse James River joined and Alleghany and Carroll County moved down from the larger Blue Ridge and River Ridge Districts, respectively. These moves changed the rivers cited in the name as the addition of Alleghany and James River High Schools brought the Cowpasture, Jackson, and James Rivers into the conversation as well.

In late 2020, it was announced that Alleghany County Public Schools and Covington City Public Schools would merge due to declining attendance. The new school system will be known as Alleghany Highlands Public Schools and the two high schools will merge to create a new Alleghany High School that will take on Covington's Cougar nickname. [1]

Geographic Makeup

The Three Rivers District is located in Southwest Virginia and takes its name from the rivers mentioned above. It draws its members from the Roanoke Valley, the New River Valley and the Alleghany Highlands. The district currently includes members from Alleghany County, Botetourt County, Carroll County, Floyd County, Roanoke County, and Radford City.

Regional and State Competition

While the VHSL uses District formatting for regular season contests and determining postseason eligibility, the teams are divided into different classes and regions for Regional and State-level competitions. As such, Three Rivers District members compete in the following formats (as of 2022): [2]

Member schools

Future Member

Former Members

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Salem High School is a public high school in Salem, Virginia. It is the sole high school for the City of Salem public school system.

The AA River Ridge District is a district in Region IV of the Virginia High School League. It is centered around the Roanoke Valley and New River Valley in Southwest Virginia.

The AA Blue Ridge District is a district in the Region III of the Virginia High School League. The district is centered around the Roanoke Valley in Southwest Virginia and is named for the Blue Ridge Mountains, which feature prominently in the region's geography.

The A Pioneer District is a high school conference in the state of Virginia that comprises high schools located in Southwest Virginia

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Pulaski County High School is a public secondary school located at 5414 Cougar Trail Road in Dublin, Virginia about 45 miles southwest of Roanoke, Virginia. It is the sole public high school in Pulaski County, Virginia and is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools.

Glenvar High School is a public high school in Roanoke County, Virginia, United States. It is one of the five high schools for the Roanoke County public school system. Glenvar High School serves the western end of Roanoke County and is located in the community of Glenvar, which is immediately west of Salem, Virginia.

The Roanoke Region is the area of the Commonwealth of Virginia surrounding the city of Roanoke. Its usage may refer to the metropolitan statistical area or the Roanoke Valley, but it sometimes includes areas in the Allegheny Mountains and New River Valley which includes Alleghany County, Montgomery County, Covington, Clifton Forge, Blacksburg, Christiansburg, and Radford. Bedford County and Floyd County are sometimes included as part of the region.

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The Group 3A West Region is a division of the Virginia High School League. The region was formed in 2013 when the VHSL adopted a six classification format and eliminated the previous three classification system. For the purpose of regular season competition, schools may compete within districts that existed prior to 2013, while post-season competition will be organized within four conferences that make up each region.


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