Throb nightclub disaster

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The Throb nightclub disaster occurred on 24 March 2000, when a stampede broke out after the detonation of a teargas canister at the Throb nightclub in Chatsworth, Durban in South Africa. [1] [2] There were 600 children from age 11-14 celebrating the end of term. The incident resulted with deaths of 13 children and 100 injured. [3] The youngest to die in the accident was 11 years old. [4] [5]



Vincent Pillay, Selvan Naidoo, and Sivanthan Chetty were accused for the incident and were put behind bars after the trial. According to two of the accused, they admitted their involvement in the Durban High Court. Naidoo confessed that he put the canister behind the speakers after Pillay smuggled it inside the club. He said he was offered R5,000 (about US$1,000 at the time) and a job at Silver Slipper Club by Chetty, the manager there. [6]

Chatsworth Youth Center

The Chatsworth Youth Center was opened in 2003 by Nelson Mandela in the memory of the 13 children who died in the incident. [7] In memory of:

Jadeine Mohunlal, 11 Guresha Naidoo, 15 Prean Govindsamy, 15 Junaid Gaffoor, 18 Leeosha Sowrimuthu, 14 Nolan Pillay, 17 Preston Premsingh, 13 Sumaya Jhetam, 13 Chantal Maduray, 16 Vaneshree Pillay, 16 Rory Soobramoney, 15 Sumeshan Govender, 12 Sumaya Kudoos, 16

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Vivian Reddy is a South African Indian of South Indian decent and the founder of the Edison Group. Reddy is the son of a teacher and the youngest of nine children. He was chosen as South Africa's first representative to the Boy Scouts Jamboree in Japan. It was there that he met his inspiration Neil Armstrong. Born in Durban, he has created a business empire with interests in energy, casinos, healthcare, financial services and property development. As at July 2017, a forensic report links Reddy's Edison group to "irregular" Johannesburg City Power deals.

In S v Naidoo (2003), an important case in South African criminal procedure, the appellant had been convicted, along with two other accused, on 13 counts of culpable homicide arising out of an incident where a teargas canister was thrown into a rival nightclub. In the ensuing chaos and stampede 13 of the patrons of the nightclub died.

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Kesaveloo Goonam, also known as Kesaveloo Goonaruthnum Naidoo (1906–1998) was a South African doctor and anti-apartheid activist. She was also called "Coolie Doctor", which became the title of her 1991 autobiography.

Zandile Ruth Thelma Gumede is a South African who has been serving as a Member of the KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Legislature since 2020. She served as the Executive Mayor of the eThekwini Metropolitan Municipality from 2016 until 2019. Gumede is a member of the African National Congress.

Vassi Naidoo is a South African businessman. He serves as the chairman of Nedbank.

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Silverglen Nature Reserve

Silverglen Nature Reserve is a 460 hectare conservancy on the Umlaas River located aside the suburb of Silverglen, Chatsworth, KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa. The reserve is the largest piece of coastal grassland and bush clump mosaic in Greater Durban, and is home to the first medicinal plant nursery in Africa, established in 1986.


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