Throwing Myself

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Throwing Myself
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Studio album by
ReleasedMarch 13, 2001
RecordedWherehouse Studio in Vancouver [1]
Genre Metalcore [2]
Label Solid State
Luti-Kriss chronology
Throwing Myself
Bless the Martyr and Kiss the Child
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Throwing Myself is the only studio album by Luti-Kriss. It was released in 2001 on Solid State Records. After the release of this album, the band changed their name to Norma Jean. [4] [5]

Solid State Records metal imprint of Tooth & Nail Records

Solid State Records is a Christian record label, an imprint of Tooth & Nail Records. Unlike Tooth & Nail, Solid State signs hardcore punk and heavy metal bands. Like Tooth & Nail, Solid State is primarily a Christian label. However, they have signed several bands with Christian members that don't label themselves as Christian bands, including Stretch Arm Strong, Gwen Stacy, He Is Legend, the Famine, Training for Utopia, and the Agony Scene.

Norma Jean (band) band

Norma Jean is an American metalcore band from Douglasville, Georgia, a suburb of Atlanta. Since their inception in 1997, numerous line up changes have left the band with no original members. To date, Norma Jean has released seven studio albums and received a Grammy Award nomination in 2006 for Best Recording Package for their second album O God, the Aftermath. The band's name is derived from the real name of actress Marilyn Monroe.


Track listing

1."Local 1145"1:11
2."Black Smith" (feat. Sammy Frenette)5:41
3."The 'Anni Hilat' Ion"2:57
4."Light Blue Collar"3:31
5."Patiently Philadelphia"4:56
6."100 Powell"3:50
7."An Act of My Own Volition"4:13
8."Last Breath/First"4:31
10."Petty Larson"4:41
11."For Shadows"4:53
13."A Chase in the Crowd" (hidden song)5:04
Total length:55:40


Josh Scogin American singer

Josh Scogin is an American musician, and is currently the vocalist and guitarist for '68. He is also known for being the vocalist for The Chariot, and former vocalist of Norma Jean and Luti-Kriss. Scogin has recorded solo material as A Rose, By Any Other Name, releasing an album in 2010.

Daniel Davison American musician

Daniel Travis Davison, is an American musician, songwriter, artist, and filmmaker. He is also a co-founder and former drummer of the band Norma Jean. Davison is also a former drummer of Underoath and Every Time I Die.

Additional personnel

Kris McCaddon was the original guitarist for the metalcore band, Society's Finest and lead guitarist for Demon Hunter. He was also the vocalist for the bands Embodyment and The Famine.

Jesse Smith is an American musician, best known for his work as the original drummer of Christian Metal band, Zao. After leaving Zao, and started three other bands, Gods, My Own Halo, and Jesse Smith & the Holy Ghost.

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