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Mary K. Tibbits Hall
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Nickname Tibbits Tornadoes

Tibbits Hall is a university residence at University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. It was opened as an all-female residence in 1970, but became a co-ed residence in 2012 on the UNB Fredericton campus. The house holds many traditions such as the charity drive Pushing Carts to Warm Hearts, Hawaiian Luau Dance in orientation week and the biggest Halloween Social on campus. The mascot of Tibbits Hall is the Tibbits Tornadoes and the house color consists of red and white.



Mary K. Tibbits MaryKTibbits.jpg
Mary K. Tibbits

Mary K. Tibbits Hall, more commonly known as Tibbits Hall, was established in 1970 as an all-female house. It was named after Mary Kingsley Tibbits (BA, MA, LL.D.) who in 1889 was the first female graduate of the University of New Brunswick. [1] Tibbits Hall was located beside Lady Dunn Hall which was also an all-female residence.

In 1998, Tibbits Hall was joined by Lady Dunn Hall when the residence complex was reconfigured, with the co-ed Joy Kidd House now in the former Lady Dunn Hall building, and Dunn Hall becoming a smaller residence for women behind Kidd House. [2] The three residences formed the Dunn/Kidd/Tibbits "DKT" complex with its own meal hall inside.

In 2011, the house went through a big renovation and had to function as a small residence with approximately 30 female students. During that time, Tibbits residents were moved to the 3T wing of Joy Kidd House. In 2012, UNB Residential Life & Conferencing Services decided to change the house into co-ed style due to the lack of enrolments in single-sex residences. [3] This left UNB Fredericton with only one all-male and one all-female residence (as Neville/Jones, a former all-male residence was made co-ed in 2011-2012). [4] The transition received mixed responses from the residence community and it was one of the most controversial topics of that year.

Started from the school year of 2012 - 2013, Tibbits Hall returned to its original location before the renovation and functioned as a co-ed residence on UNB Fredericton campus. Tibbits saw its first male president in 2013 and remained one of, if not, the best residences on UNB Fredericton campus with great pride and tremendous passion.

Residence organization and house governance

There are fourteen residences at UNB as of 2013, one men's, one women's, ten co-ed, one apartment style, and one suite style residence. Each residence has its own unique characters, cultures and traditions.

House team

House Don is a university faculty, staff member, or a senior grad student living in the house who is responsible for the operation of Tibbits Hall. The Don is assisted by four hall proctors and an educational proctor who are senior undergraduates with the role of helping the students adjust to residence and university life. The House Team assumes the responsibility for maintaining order within the immediate vicinity of the residence and meal halls, and also has front line responsibility in crisis response.

House Committee

House Committee led by the house President is a team elected by residents of Tibbits Hall to act as peer leaders. The committee plays the main role in coordinating house social, educational, charity, athletic activities with the assistance from the Residence Coordinator and the House Team.

As of 2013, Tibbits Hall House Committee includes President, Vice President, Male and Female Social Rep, Male and Female Sport Rep, Charity Rep, Merch Rep, Treasurer, Secretary and First Year Rep (aka Frosh Rep). General elections are usually held in March and First Year Rep election is held in September right after orientation week.

House Orientation Committee

House Orientation Committee (HOC) is a team consists of ten returning residents chosen by the Don and the returning President to welcome first-year students to the house. HOC acts as peer leaders during orientation week to create a welcoming environment to all the first year and make orientation week one of the best experiences of their lives.

Tibbits Hall HOC jersey is red and white basketball jersey with a tornado on the front and HOC's name on the back. Tibbits Hall proctor jersey has the same design with the colors of black and red instead.


Tibbits Hall Welcoming Board Tibbits Hall.jpg
Tibbits Hall Welcoming Board

Before the transition to co-ed residence, Tibbits was well known as the most spirited all-female house on UNB Fredericton campus. Tibbits holds many significant tradition with great pride and tremendous passion. [5]

As a part of the transition into a co-ed house in 2012-2013, the house started new annual traditions which include Secret Santa in December, roommate challenge, and Casino Night in Tibbits week, new award ceremony at last house supper and changed HOC jerseys from tank tops to basketball jerseys.

Listings of office holders

Tibbits Hall Presidents

Front View of Tibbits Hall TibbitsHall.jpg
Front View of Tibbits Hall
Tibbits Hall main door, shared with Lady Dunn Hall TibbitsFrontDoor.jpg
Tibbits Hall main door, shared with Lady Dunn Hall

Tibbits Hall Dons

Listings of big awards holders

Mary K. Tibbits Award

(Excellence in House Committee Contribution)

Individual Award of Excellence

(Individuals have served for at least 2 years in House Team with excellent achievements)

UNB Residence Community Leadership Award




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