Ticket Outta Loserville

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"Ticket Outta Loserville"
Single by Son of Dork
from the album Welcome to Loserville
Released7 November 2005 [1]
Format CD single, DVD single
Genre Pop punk
Label Mercury
Songwriter(s) James Bourne, Charlie Grant, Pete Woodroffe
Producer(s) Gil Norton
Son of Dork singles chronology
"Ticket Outta Loserville"
"Eddie's Song"

"Ticket Outta Loserville" is the lead single from British pop punk band Son of Dork's debut, and only, studio album Welcome to Loserville . Released on 7 November 2005, two weeks prior to the album, the single peaked at number three on the UK Singles Chart as well as reaching number 15 in Ireland.


Music video

The video for the song was directed by Ulf Buddensieck. The band is performing in a garage, and the story is each of them going out with a girl and being popular. It then ends up with the girl being seen with one of the school football team players. There is also an adult version, while they are singing the bridge, which sees a woman with no bra on underneath some pom-poms. You see the girl then taking away the pom-poms, exposing her breasts.

Track listing


  1. "Ticket Outta Loserville" - 3:21
  2. "I Want You Back" - 2:56


  1. "Ticket Outta Loserville" - 3:21
  2. "Interview With Son Of Dork" - 7:30
  3. "Slacker" - 3:15
  4. "Ticket Outta Loserville" (Conference Performance - Live Video Version)
  5. "Ticket Outta Loserville" (U-Myx Format)

UK DVD single

  1. "Ticket Outta Loserville" (Audio) - 3:21
  2. "Ticket Outta Loserville" (Video) - 3:21
  3. "Son Of Dork Home Movie"
  4. "Escape From Loserville" (Game)


Weekly charts

Chart (2005)Peak
Europe (Eurochart Hot 100) [2] 12
Ireland (IRMA) [3] 15
Scotland (Official Charts Company) [4] 3
UK Singles (Official Charts Company) [5] 3

Year-end charts

Chart (2005)Position
UK Singles (Official Charts Company) [6] 109

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Son of Dork were a British pop punk band formed by James Bourne after his previous band, Busted, split in January 2005. The name of the band came from a scene in the 1990 film Problem Child where the chant "Son of Dork" is used. Their debut single, "Ticket Outta Loserville", was released in November 2005, reaching No. 3 on the UK Singles Chart. Their second single, "Eddie's Song", reached No. 10 in January 2006.

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Welcome to Loserville is the only studio album, from British pop punk band Son of Dork. The album was released on 21 November 2005 by Mercury Records. The album was later adapted into a musical, "Loserville the Musical", by band member James Bourne and writer Elliot Davis commissioned and performed by Youth Music Theatre UK and presented at the South Hill Park Arts Centre, Bracknell, in 2009. The show was subsequently retitled "Loserville" and produced professionally by Kevin Wallace, TC Beech and Youth Music Theatre UK at the West Yorkshire Playhouse. It then transferred to the West End's Garrick Theatre and featured UK pop star Chris Hardman.

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