Tilt (Kahimi Karie album)

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ReleasedMay 24, 2000 (2000-05-24)
Genre Shibuya-kei
Label Polydor
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Kahimi Karie
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Tilt is the third studio album by Japanese musician Kahimi Karie. It was released on May 24, 2000 by Polydor Records. [2]


Tilt features collaborations with Add N to (X), Arto Lindsay, Momus, The Olivia Tremor Control and Tahiti 80, among other artists. [1] Three of the album's tracks were released earlier in 2000 on EPs by Karie: "Do You Know the Time?" and "Metaphors" on Once Upon a Time, [1] and "Pygmalism" on Journey to the Centre of Me. [3]

Track listing

1."I Can't Wait for Summer"Kahimi KarieTomoki Kanda4:16
2."Je dormais sous la neige"Julien RibotRibot5:06
3."Sleepwalking" Arto Lindsay Melvin Gibbs 3:10
4."Pygmalism" Momus Momus6:00
5."Ice Age Train" Steven Claydon Claydon4:39
6."Dear Boy"Lindsay Vinicius Cantuária 3:32
7."Do You Know the Time?" William Hart Hart3:12
10."(We'll Go) Separate Ways"3:34
11."Kemuri" (けむり)KarieKanda5:02
12."Happy Birthday What Am I For?"
Barry 79:15
13."Lila's Theme"
  • R. M. Sherman
  • R. B. Sherman
Total length:56:09


Chart (2000)Peak
Japanese Albums (Oricon) [2] 46

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