Time (Mercyful Fate album)

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Studio album by
Released25 October 1994
RecordedMay–August 1994
StudioDallas Sound Lab, Dallas, Texas, U.S.
Genre Heavy metal
Label Metal Blade
Producer King Diamond, Tim Kimsey and Hank Shermann
Mercyful Fate chronology
The Bell Witch EP
Into the Unknown
Professional ratings
Review scores
AllMusic Star full.svgStar full.svgStar full.svgStar full.svgStar empty.svg [1]
Collector's Guide to Heavy Metal 8/10 [2]
Rock Hard (GER)9.0/10 [3]
Sputnikmusic4.0/5 [4]

Time is the fourth studio album by the Danish heavy metal band Mercyful Fate. It was released on 25 October 1994 through Metal Blade Records.


The track "The Mad Arab" is about H. P. Lovecraft's character Abdul Alhazred, the author of the fictional forbidden tome of occult lore The Necronomicon . In the lyric booklet, it is subtitled "Part One: The Vision". The second part appears as the track "Kutulu (The Mad Arab, Part Two)" on the follow-up, Into the Unknown .

Track listing

All lyrics are written by King Diamond

1."Nightmare Be Thy Name"Michael Denner3:29
2."Angel of Light"Diamond3:37
3."Witches' Dance"Diamond4:47
4."The Mad Arab"Hank Shermann4:42
5."My Demon"Diamond4:42
7."The Preacher"Shermann3:29
8."Lady in Black"Diamond3:49
10."The Afterlife"Shermann4:32
11."Castillo del Mortes"Shermann6:14


Mercyful Fate


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Don't Break the Oath is the second studio album by Danish heavy metal band Mercyful Fate, released on 7 September 1984 through Roadrunner Records.

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<i>9</i> (Mercyful Fate album) 1999 studio album by Mercyful Fate

9 is the seventh studio album by Danish heavy metal band Mercyful Fate. 9 was recorded during February and March 1999 and was released on 15 June 1999 through Metal Blade Records. This album continues the heavier sound that was introduced in their previous album Dead Again, and also marks the continuation of the Satanic- and occult-based lyrical themes which were prevalent during the band's first incarnation and were reintroduced on the Time (1994) album, as the primary lyrical focus. 9 was Mercyful Fate's last studio album before their twenty-year hiatus from 1999 to 2019.

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Mercyful Fate is the first official release by Danish heavy metal band Mercyful Fate. It is also known as Nuns Have No Fun, the "first album" or the "EP". It is a four track, 45rpm effort and was recorded and mixed at Stone Studio in Roosendaal, Netherlands, in two days in September 1982, and released on the independent label Rave-On Records as RMLP-002 on 8 November 1982. The album was produced and mixed by Jac Hustinx and engineered by Willem Steetjes. The cover is drawn by Ole Poulsen. The album in its entirety was later re-issued in 1987 as part of The Beginning compilation. On 5 June 2020 it was released for the first time officially on CD through Metal Blade Records. Issued in hardcover gatefold sleeve, with black polycarbonate CD.

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Into the Unknown is the fifth album by Danish heavy metal band Mercyful Fate, released on 20 August 1996 through Metal Blade Records. It is the most commercially successful Mercyful Fate album to date, peaking at No. 31 in the Finnish charts and remaining for two weeks in the Top 40. It is the only album by the band to appear on the charts.

<i>Dead Again</i> (Mercyful Fate album) 1998 studio album by Mercyful Fate

Dead Again is the sixth studio album by Danish heavy metal band Mercyful Fate, released on 9 June 1998 through Metal Blade Records. It marks the first album from Mercyful Fate that Michael Denner is not present on. It also marked a new era for the band, as the production is more muddy and raw, and the guitar tone is more distorted than on the three previous albums. In addition, the album introduced a more complex and arguably progressive sound to several of its tracks.

<i>A Dangerous Meeting</i> 1992 greatest hits album by King Diamond and Mercyful Fate

A Dangerous Meeting is a compilation album of King Diamond and Mercyful Fate songs. It was released on Compact Disc and Cassette only in Europe and United States on 6 October 1992 through Roadrunner Records. The LP was released only in Brazil, and its very rare.

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<i>Witchkrieg</i> 2010 studio album by Witchery

Witchkrieg is the fifth full-length studio album by the Swedish thrash metal band Witchery, released on 21 June 2010 in Europe and 29 June 2010 in North America. This album is their second on Century Media Records. Like their previous album, Don't Fear the Reaper, Witchkrieg was mixed by Tue Madsen at his Antfarm Studios. Witchkrieg showcases an impressive line-up of guest musicians such as Andy LaRocque from King Diamond, Kerry King from the thrash band Slayer, Hank Shermann of Mercyful Fate, Lee Altus and Gary Holt from Exodus and Jim Durkin from Dark Angel.

<i>In the Shadows</i> (album) 1993 studio album by Mercyful Fate

In the Shadows is the third full-length studio album by Danish heavy metal band Mercyful Fate. It is the first offering of the band since their reunion in 1992. This would be the final full-length album Timi Hansen would appear on before his death in 2019. The album was released in 1993 via Metal Blade Records. Unlike previous Mercyful Fate albums, which were entirely centered around lyrical themes of Satanism and the occult, the lyrics on this album are rather focused on more conceptual horror-themes, akin to King Diamond's work with his eponymous band. The band would not return to a primarily occult/Satanic lyrical approach until the band's latest album, 9, released in 1999.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Hank Shermann</span> Musical artist

Rene Krolmark, better known by his stage name, Hank Shermann, is a Danish musician best known for his work with the heavy metal band Mercyful Fate.


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