Time Boom X De Devil Dead

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Time Boom X De Devil Dead
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Studio album by
RecordedOn LP via On-U Sound & EMI Records in 1987
Genre Reggae, dub
Label On-U Sound [1]
Producer Adrian Sherwood [2]
Lee Perry
Lee "Scratch" Perry + Dub Syndicate chronology
Battle Of Armagideon (Millionaire Liquidator)
Time Boom X De Devil Dead
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Time Boom X De Devil Dead is a 1987 studio album by Lee Perry and Dub Syndicate. It was re-released in 1994 by On-U Sound and in 2001 by EMI Records.


The album was something of a comeback for Perry. [2] [6]

Critical reception

Trouser Press wrote that "while perhaps lacking the eccentric edge of Perry’s own work, the LP is still weird and wonderful, a sample of some of the best avant-garde groove music being made today." [7] Exclaim! called it Perry's best album of the 1980s. [6] NME ranked it #34 on its "50 Best Albums of 1987" list. [8]

First release

First release of the album was made in 1987.

Side A

  1. "S.D.I." (6:27)
  2. "Blinkers" (4:58)
  3. "Jungle" (7:33) (Bass – Evar Wellington, guitar – Martin Frederix, keyboards – Kishi Yamamoto, vocals – Akabu)
  4. "De Devil Dead" (4:29) (Vocals – Akabu)

Side B

  1. "Music + Science Lovers" (5:05) (Bass – Doctor Pablo, guitar – Doctor Pablo)
  2. "Kiss the Champion" (7:13)
  3. "Allergic to Lies" (3:53) (Keyboards – Kishi Yamamoto)
  4. "Time Conquer" (4:31) (Guitar – Martin Frederix, keyboards – Kishi Yamamoto, piano – Kishi Yamamoto)

Second release

This release with electronic remixes was made in 1994 in On-U Sound.

  1. "S.D.I." (6:27)
  2. "Blinkers" (4:58)
  3. "Jungle" (7:33) (Bass – Evar Wellington, guitar – Martin Frederix)
  4. "De Devil Dead" (4:29)
  5. "Music & Science Lovers" (5:05)
  6. "Kiss the Champion" (7:13)
  7. "Allergic to Lies" (3:53)
  8. "Time Conquer" (4:31) (Guitar – Martin Frederix)
  9. "Jungle (Original 7" Version)" (3:46)
  10. "Jungle (Wall Of China)" (2:52)
  11. "Night Train" (3:04)

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