Time Odyssey (album)

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Time Odyssey
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Studio album by
Released1988 (1988)
RecordedFebruary 1988 at Kajem and Victory Studios in Gladwyne, Pennsylvania
Genre Instrumental rock, neoclassical metal
Label PolyGram
Producer Vinnie Moore
Vinnie Moore chronology
Mind's Eye
Time Odyssey
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Time Odyssey is the second studio album by guitarist Vinnie Moore, released in 1988 through PolyGram. As of 2013 it is Moore's only release to enter the Billboard 200 chart, where it peaked at #147. [2]


Track listing

1."Morning Star"Vinnie Moore3:24
2."Prelude/Into the Future"Moore, Jordan Rudess 4:23
3."Beyond the Door"Moore5:29
4."Message in a Dream"Moore, Rudess9:10
5."As Time Slips By"Moore6:43
6."Race with Destiny"Moore6:36
7."While My Guitar Gently Weeps" George Harrison 4:40
8."The Tempest"Moore8:48
9."Pieces of a Picture"Moore6:14
10."April Sky" Johann Sebastian Bach 5:10
Total length:60:37


Chart performance

YearChartPeakPeak reachedWeeks on chart
1988 Billboard 200 147 [2] June 25, 19887

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