Timeless Romance

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Timeless Romance
Traditional Chinese 超時空要愛
Simplified Chinese 超时空要爱
Hanyu Pinyin Chāo Shí Kōng Yào Ài
Jyutping Ciu1 Si4 Hung1 Jiu3 Oi3
Directed by David Lai
Jeffrey Lau
Written byJeffrey Lau
Produced byJeffrey Lau
Starring Tony Leung
Theresa Lee
Tats Lau
CinematographyEdmond Fung
Edited byKai Kit-Wai
Music byTats Lau
Release date
  • 1998 (1998)
CountryHong Kong

Timeless Romance is a 1998 Hong Kong comedy film directed by Jeffrey Lau and David Lai, starring Tony Leung Chiu-wai. It won "Best Screenplay" and "Film of Merit" at the 1999 Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards.

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