Timeline of early Estonian publications

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This is the timeline of notable early Estonian publications, along with links to the articles discussing them.

1535 Wanradt-Koell Catechism by Simon Wanradt  [ de ] and Johann Koell  [ de ]the oldest (partially) preserved Estonian language book, printed in Wittenberg
1524-1532 Kullamaa Manuscript the oldest source containing longer texts in Estonian language
1622 Agenda Parva unknownthe oldest book which in some places using South Estonian
1633 Historische Prodromus des Lieffländischen Rechtens und Reglements by Friedrich Menius  [ sv ]first book published in Estonia
1641, 1649 Leyen Spiegel by Heinrich Stahl first book printed in Estonia and using Estonian language. This sermon book, published in two volumes, ran parallel in German and Estonian.
1739a Bible by Jacob Johann Köhler the first printing of Estonian translation of the Bible
1766–1767 Lühhike öppetus edited by dr. Peter Ernst Wilde, translated by August Wilhelm Hupel a medical manual; the first Estonian language periodic publication
1795an ABC by Otto Wilhelm Masing the oldest known preserved Estonian language ABC
1807 Tarto maa rahva Näddali-Leht  ?the first Estonian language newspaper
1813–1832 Beiträge zur genauern Kenntniß der ehstnischen Sprache edited by Johann Heinrich Rosenplänter the first scientific journal discussing Estonian language
1821–1823 Marahva Näddala-Leht edited by Otto Wilhelm Masing an early weekly newspaper
1857 Postimees establishededited by Johann Voldemar Jannsen the oldest still published Estonian language newspaper
1857–1861 Kalevipoeg by Friedrich Reinhold Kreutzwald printed piece-by-piece as an academic publication of the Õpetatud Eesti Selts
1891 Postimees goes daily ?the first Estonian language daily newspaper