Timmy the Turtle

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Timmy the Turtle
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EP by
ReleasedMay 18, 1999 (1999-05-18)
RecordedAugust 1997 at Motor Studios in San Francisco
Genre Punk rock
Label Fat Wreck Chords
NOFX chronology
So Long and Thanks for All the Shoes
Timmy the Turtle
The Decline

"Timmy the Turtle" is a song by the American punk rock band NOFX. It was recorded during the sessions for So Long and Thanks for All the Shoes . Duncan from Snuff sings the lead vocal on the song. [1] This record was limited to 9,499 copies on green vinyl. As seen in the inlay of the "45 or 46 songs ..", this song is about Tim who counted the people at the entrance on the NOFX concerts over the years to help prevent promoters from taking advantage of the band.

Track listing

Side A

  1. "Timmy the Turtle" (1:39)

Side B

  1. "The Plan" (2:59)

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The Plan may refer to:

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<span class="mw-page-title-main">Fat Mike</span> American musician, producer, lead vocalist, and bassist

Michael John Burkett, known professionally as Fat Mike, is an American musician and producer. He is the bassist and lead vocalist for the punk rock band NOFX and the cofounder and bassist of the punk rock supergroup cover band Me First and the Gimme Gimmes. Burkett started out with his first band False Alarm in 1982. He credits Joe Escalante of the Vandals for introducing him to punk rock when he was 13 at a summer camp.

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