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Timothy Truman
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Born (1956-02-09) February 9, 1956 (age 68)
Gauley Bridge, West Virginia, United States
Area(s)Penciller, inker, writer
Notable works
Awards Haxtur Award 1991

Timothy Truman (born February 9, 1956) [1] is an American writer, artist and musician. He is best known for his stories and Wild West-style comic book art, and in particular, for his work on Grimjack (with John Ostrander), Scout , and the reinvention of Jonah Hex, with Joe R. Lansdale.



Truman was born in 1956 in Gauley Bridge, West Virginia. [2] After graduating from Gauley Bridge High School in 1974, he attended the Columbus College of Art and Design while also attending West Virginia University. From 1979 to 1981 he attended The Kubert School in New Jersey. [3]

He currently lives in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and was an instructor at the Pennsylvania College of Art and Design from 2003 to 2006. [4]

Roleplaying games

After graduation, he moved to New York City and worked in the fantasy role-playing game industry for a few years providing illustrations for various companies, including working for TSR, Inc. as a staff illustrator.[ citation needed ]

Along with Flint Henry, Truman co-authored Rifts Dimension Book 1: Wormwood (1993), which author Shannon Appelcline states was "critically acclaimed for the vibrant backgrounds". [5]

In 2015, Truman contributed, among other artists, to bring inner illustrations to the tabletop role-playing game Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of , first published in 2016 by British company Modiphius Entertainment.


Truman's first professional comics work was a series of backup stories in DC Comics' Sgt. Rock title published from 1981 to 1983. [6] [7] His first major work was Grimjack with writer John Ostrander, [8] for the independent comics company First Comics. Grimjack first appeared in Starslayer #10 (November 1983), before moving to his own series after issue #18 (July 1984), and continued for 81 issues.

In 1985, he created Scout , which was followed by Scout: War Shaman, a futuristic western. A year later, he relaunched the Hillman characters Airboy and The Heap for Eclipse Comics. [9] He also developed The Prowler, a Shadow type character, and adapted The Spider for Eclipse.

At DC Comics he created Hawkworld , a reinvention of Hawkman in 1989. [10] An ongoing series with the same name was launched the following year. [11] With author Joe R. Lansdale, he reinterpreted Jonah Hex as a horror western. In it, their creation of villain Edgar Autumn elicited a lawsuit from musician Edgar Winter. [12]

Truman was chosen by Dark Horse Comics to illustrate a newly completed Tarzan novel and wrote a story arc for the comic book. He also wrote nearly the entire run of Turok: Dinosaur Hunter for Valiant Comics. For the defunct science fiction imprint of DC, Helix, he created The Black Lamb . He also worked on a typical pulp adventure Guns of the Dragon, featuring Enemy Ace and Bat Lash and scripted a Creature Commandos limited series. [13] At Dark Horse Comics, he wrote Star Wars , Conan , and Conan The Cimmerian . [14]

West Virginia

Truman's work, Wilderness: The True Story of Simon Girty, Renegade was a two-volume black and white graphic novel depicting the American settler's western frontier.

Tecumseh! a graphic novel based on the Chillicothe Ohio Outdoor Theater Production is a colored graphic novel that shows the play from beginning to end. It renewed interest in the warrior in Appalachia.


A longtime fan and musician, Truman has integrated his love of music into comics and illustration. While working for Eclipse Comics, Truman included a Flexi disc recording inside Scout #19 (May 1987) that provided a soundtrack to one of the scenes in the comic. He also released an album through Eclipse Records with his band The Dixie Pistols entitled Marauder. The album included a short comic book featuring the wedding of Emanuel Santanna that took place between the first series Scout and the second series Scout: War Shaman.

While writing the biography of one of his favorite guitarists, Carlos Santana, for Rock-It Comics, Truman found out that the musician had been a longtime fan of his comic, Scout, whose main character, Emanuel Santanna, is the namesake of the famous guitarist. Naming the characters after favorite musicians was a common convention that Truman used throughout the Scout series.

Truman has also had a long relationship with the band the Grateful Dead creating artwork for CD covers, tour posters, limited-edition T-shirts and a color comics page in each issue of the Grateful Dead Almanac.

Truman built a recording studio in his home and while producing recording sessions for Cherokee singer/songwriter Terry Strongheart, they decided to form a new band with some of Truman's friends and Strongheart's daughter called the Terry Strongheart Band. Two CDs have been recorded, the first entitled Tears and the follow-up Indian School.

Truman provided illustrations for the posthumous Rory Gallagher release Kickback City (2013). [15] [16] Truman said he first heard Gallagher's music in 1973 while a junior in high school. [17]

Timothy Truman is often confused with the music composer Tim Truman [18] who wrote the theme to Melrose Place and composed the score to Miami Vice's final season among other important contributions to the music industry in movies and television.


Avatar Press

Bantam Spectra

Dark Horse Comics

DC Comics


  • The Black Lamb (w/a, six-issue limited series, September 1996–February 1997)


  • Jonah Hex: Two-Gun Mojo (June 1993–October 1993) (a)
    • Jonah Hex: Shadows West (tpb, 392 pages, 2014, ISBN   1-4012-4715-6) collects:
      • "Slow Go Smith" (with Joe R. Lansdale, in #1, 1993)
      • "Invitation to a Hanging" (with Joe R. Lansdale, in #2, 1993)
      • "The Resurrectionist" (with Joe R. Lansdale, in #3, 1993)
      • "Vendetta Times Two" (with Joe R. Lansdale, in #4, 1993)
      • "Showdown" (with Joe R. Lansdale, in #5, 1993)
  • Jonah Hex: Riders of the Worm and Such (limited series) (January 1995–May 1995) (a)
    • Jonah Hex: Shadows West (tpb, 392 pages, 2014, ISBN   1-4012-4715-6) collects:
      • "No Rest for the Wicked and the Good Don't Need Any" (with Joe R. Lansdale, in #1, 1995)
      • "Wilde's West" (with Joe R. Lansdale, in #2, 1995)
      • "Big Worm" (with Joe R. Lansdale, in #4, 1995)
      • "Autumns of our Discontent" (with Joe R. Lansdale, in #5, 1995)
      • "Cataclysm in Worm Town" (with Joe R. Lansdale, in #6, 1995)
  • Dog Moon (a, graphic novel with Robert Hunter, April 1996, tpb, 64 pages, ISBN   1-5638-9237-5)
  • Jonah Hex: Shadows West (limited series) (December 1998–February 1999) (a)
    • Jonah Hex: Shadows West (tpb, 392 pages, 2014, ISBN   1-4012-4715-6) collects:
      • "Long Tom" (with Joe R. Lansdale, in #1, 1998)
      • "Gathering Shadows" (with Joe R. Lansdale, in #2-3, 1999)
  • Flinch #13, "Brer Hoodoo" (a, with Joe R. Lansdale, May 2000)
  • Scalped #50 (a, with among other artists, June 2011) collected in Volume 9: Knuckle Up (tpb, 144 pages, 2012, ISBN   1-4012-3505-0)

Eclipse Comics

First Comics

IDW Publishing

Innovation Publishing

Marvel Comics

Epic Comics

  • Wild Cards #3, "Welcome to the Club" (a, with among other artists, September 1990)

Topps Comics

Valiant Comics



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