Tinnitus Sanctus

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Tinnitus Sanctus
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Studio album by
Released14 November 2008
RecordedGate Studios, Wolfsburg, Germany, May–September 2008
Genre Hard rock, progressive metal
Label Nuclear Blast
Producer Sascha Paeth
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Rocket Ride
Tinnitus Sanctus
Fucking with Fire – Live
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Tinnitus Sanctus is the eighth studio album by German heavy/power metal band Edguy, released on 14 November 2008 on Nuclear Blast. This album combines progressive-oriented hard rock heard on their previous album Rocket Ride with elements of speed metal.


The album was released in several formats. The standard edition was issued in a jewel case and included the 10 album tracks and a bonus track. [5] A digipak edition included the album with the bonus track, and a bonus live CD, recorded in Los Angeles during the Rocket Ride tour. A mailorder edition, available exclusively through the Nuclear Blast webshop, was issued in a tin case. A double LP version was also available.

Initial press reaction to the album was positive, with Tanja Weinekötter of Fury calling it "the strongest Edguy album so far", [6] whilst frontman Tobias Sammet felt that it "could be the album we'll be measured by in the future". [7]

A video was shot for the track "Ministry of Saints" in Belgrade, Serbia. [8]

Track listing

All tracks are written by Tobias Sammet.

1."Ministry of Saints"5:02
2."Sex Fire Religion"5:57
3."The Pride of Creation"5:28
4."Nine Lives"4:26
5."Wake Up Dreaming Black"4:05
7."Thorn Without a Rose"4:46
10."Dead or Rock"4:59
11."Aren't You a Little Pervert Too?!" (bonus track feat. Granato Rambocco And The Killers)2:20
Total length:53:29
Bonus CD: Live in Los Angeles
1."Catch of the Century"5:13
4."Lavatory Love Machine"4:24
5."Tears of a Mandrake"7:42
6."Vain Glory Opera"6:26
8."Fucking with Fire"4:37
10."King of Fools"5:25
Total length:60:00


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