Tiny Little Houses

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Tiny Little Houses
Origin Melbourne, Victoria
Years active2014–present
Labels Ivy League Records [1]
  • Caleb Karvountzis
  • Sean Mullins
  • Al Yamin
  • Clancy Bond

Tiny Little Houses are a lo-fi, Indie rock band from Melbourne, Australia.



Tiny Little Houses was formed in Melbourne in 2014 and have grown from a SoundCloud collaboration between front man Caleb Karvountzis and guitarist Sean Mullins into an established band with the addition of bassist Al Yamin and drummer Clancy Bond. [2]

The band released the EPs You Tore Out My Heart in 2015 and Snow Globe in 2016. [3]

Tiny Little Houses' debut album Idiot Proverbs was released on 21 January 2018. [4]

Their second album Misericorde was released on 19 November 2021. [5]



Studio albums

List of studio albums, with release date and selected details
TitleDetailsPeak chart positions
Idiot Proverbs 39

Extended plays

List of EPs, with release date and selected details
You Tore Out My Heart
  • Released: 30 October 2015
  • Label: Ivy League Records (IVY311)
  • Formats: CD, digital download, streaming
Snow Globe
  • Released: 7 October 2016
  • Label: Ivy League Records (IVY311)
  • Formats: CD, digital download, streaming


2014"Every Man Knows His Plague; And You Are Mine"You Tore Out My Heart
"Soon We Won't Exist"
2016"Milo Tin"Non-album single
"Song Despite Apathy"Snow Globe
2017"Medicate Me"
"Garbage Bin" Idiot Proverbs
"Entitled Generation"
2018"Short Hair"
2020"Richard Cory"Misericorde
2021"Car Crash"
"Smartest Guy"
"I'm Doing Just The Best That I Can"
"Take A Swing"
"Golden Boy"
"Cold Showers"
2023"Everyday I wake I find another reason not to"

Music videos

2014You Tore Out My Heart"Every Man Knows His Plague; And You Are Mine"Jordan Bond [7]
2015"Easy" [8]
"Soon We Won't Exist"Zachary Bradtke [9]
2016Non-album single"Milo Tin"Daniel Dunn & Clancy Bond [10]
Snow Globe"Song Despite Apathy"Clancy Bond [11]
2017"Medicate Me"Marie Panguad [12]
Idiot Proverbs "Garbage Bin" [13]
"Entitled Generation" [14]
2018"Short Hair" [15]
2021Misericorde"Car Crash"Michael Ridley [16]
"Smartest Guy" [17]
"Take A Swing"Dirk Jonker [18]
"Cold Showers"Ziggy Cross [19]

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