Tipperary GAA honours

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From 1887 onwards, Tipperary has been a stalwart in all aspects of the GAA. Winning many accolades over the years, they have won many first titles and, along with Cork and Galway, is the only county to have won Senior All-Irelands in Hurling, Men's football, Camogie, and Ladies' Football. Tipperary is the only county to win Senior Inter-county titles in Hurling, Football, Ladies' Football, Camogie, Hardball singles and doubles, Softball singles and doubles, 40x20 Senior singles and 40x20 Senior doubles. Tipperary is also the only county to win the Hurling Senior All-Ireland in every decade since the inception of the competition in 1887.



All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championships: 28

1887M. McNamara, M. Maher, T. Maher, T. Burke, G. Dwyer, N. Murphy, E. Bowe, J. Ryan, T. Healy, P. Leahy, T. Dwyer, P. Lambe, J. Leamy, J. Mockler, J. Stapleton, A. Maher, T. Stapleton, D. Ryan, J. Dunne, M. Carroll, T. Carroll1-1-10-0-0Galway
1895P. Byrne, B. Kerwick, M. Maher, E. Maher, J. Maher, J. Walsh, P. Maher, D. Walsh, T. Flanagan, J. Flanagan, F. Moriarty, N. Brennan, W. Devane, J. Gleeson, P. Riordan, J. Connolly, J. Maher6-81-0Kilkenny
1896P. Byrne, P. Doherty, M. Maher, E. Maher, T. Condon, J. Walsh, N. Brennan, M. Wall, W. Devane, J. Flanagan, T. Flanagan, T. Ryan, E. Ryan, D. Walsh, J. Maher, J. Connolly, P. Scanlon8-140-4Dublin
1898P. Byrne, J. O'Keeffe, E. Maher, M. Maher, F. Maher, J. Walsh, J. Connolly, T. Ryan, W. Devane, E. Ryan, N. Brennan, B. Dunne, T. Condon, D. Walsh, N. Maher, J. Ryan, D. O'Keeffe7-133-10Kilkenny
1899J. Flanagan, Big Bill Gleeson, Joe O'Keeffe, J. Gleeson, R. O'Keeffe, James O'Keeffe, D. Walsh, M. Maher, J. Walsh, T. Condon, P. Byrne, W. Dunne, J. Maher, Little Bill Gleeson, T. Ryan, M. Wall, J. Ryan3-121-4Wexford
1900T. Allen, E. Hayes, Big Bill Gleeson, P. Hayes, M. Purcell, M. Maher, E. Maher, M. Ryan, P. Maher, J. Walsh, W. Maher, Little Bill Gleeson, T. Ryan, M. Wall, J. O'Keeffe, T. Semple, Jack Gleeson2-50-6London
1906J. Hayes, T. Semple, J. O'Brien, P. Burke, M. O'Brien, T. Kerwick, P. Brolan, H. Shelley, J. Mockler, T. Kenna, P. Riordan, T. Allen, P. Maher, J. O'Keeffe, J. Gleeson, T. Gleeson, J. Burke3-162-8Dublin
1908 (Draw)J. Moloughney, T. Semple, J. O'Brien, P. Burke, M. O'Brien, T. Kerwick, P. Brolan, H. Shelley, J. Mockler, T. Kenna, P. Fitzgerald, A. Carew, J. Fitzgerald, M. O'Dwyer, J. Gleeson, T. Gleeson, J. Burke2-5




1916A. O'Donnell, T. Duane, J. Doherty, J. Power, T. Shanahan, J. Collison, J. Fitzpatrick, J. Leahy, H. Shelley, W. Dwyer, J. Murphy, P. Leahy, R. Walsh, B. Dwyer, D. Walsh5-43-2Kilkenny
1925A. O'Donnell, M. Darcy, M. Mockler, J. Hayes, M. Kennedy, S. Hackett, J. Power, P. Leahy, J. Leahy, T. Duffy, J. Darcy, P. Cahill, W. Ryan, P. O'Dwyer, P. Power. Sub: S. Kenny5-61-5Galway
1930T. O'Meara, J. O'Loughlin, M. Ryan, J. Harney, J. Maher, J. Lanigan, J. Callinan, P. McKenna, M. Kennedy, P. Cahill, P. Purcell, T. Leahy, T. Butler, T. Treacy, M. Cronin. Sub: J. Heaney2-71-3Dublin
1937T. Butler, D. O'Gorman, G. Cornally, J. Ryan, J. Lanigan, J. Maher, B. Wall, J. Cooney, J. Gleeson, J. Coffey, T. Doyle, W. O'Donnell, T. Treacy, D. Murphy, P. Ryan. Subs: D. Mackey, T. Kennedy3-110-3Kilkenny
1945J. Maher, J. Devitt, G. Cornally, F. Coffey, M. Murphy, J. Maher, T. Purcell, H. Goldsboro, T. Wall, M. Ryan, T. Doyle, E. Gleeson, J. Coffey, A. Brennan, P. Ryan. Subs: None5-63-6Kilkenny
1949T. Reddan, M. Byrne, A. Brennan, J. Doyle, P. Stakelum, F. Coffey, T. Doyle, S. Kenny, P. Shanahan, Tommy Ryan, M. Ryan, J. Kennedy, J. Ryan, S. Maher, S. Bannon. Sub: P. Kenny3-110-3Laois
1950T. Reddan, M. Byrne, A. Brennan, J. Doyle, J. Finn, P. Stakelum, T. Doyle, S. Bannon, P. Shanahan, E. Ryan, M. Ryan, S. Kenny, P. Kenny, S. Maher, J. Kennedy. Sub: Tommy Ryan1-91-8Kilkenny
1951A. Reddan, M. Byrne, A. Brennan, J. Doyle, J. Finn, P. Stakelum, T. Doyle, J. Hough, P. Shanahan, E. Ryan, M. Ryan, Tim Ryan, P. Kenny, S. Maher, S. Bannon. Sub: S. Kenny7-73-9Wexford
1958J. O'Grady, M. Byrne, M. Maher, K. Carey, J. Finn, A. Wall, Jn Doyle, J. Hough, T. English, D. Nealon, T. Larkin, Jas Doyle, L. Keane, L. Devaney, L. Connolly. Subs: None4-92-5Galway
1961D. O'Brien, M. Hassett, M. Maher, K. Carey, M. Burns, A. Wall, Jn Doyle, M. O'Gara, T. English, Jas Doyle, L. Devaney, D. Nealon, J. McKenna, W. Moloughney, T. Moloughney. Subs: T. Ryan (Killenaule), S. McLoughlin, J. Hough0-161-12Dublin
1962D. O'Brien, Jn Doyle, M. Maher, K. Carey, M. O'Gara, A. Wall, M. Burns, L. Devaney, T. English, Jas Doyle, J. McKenna, T. Ryan (Killenaule), D. Nealon, T. Moloney, S. McLoughlin. Subs: L. Connolly, T. Ryan (Toomevara)3-102-11Wexford
1964J. O'Donoghue, Jn Doyle, M. Maher, K. Carey, M. Burns, A. Wall, M. Murphy, T. English, M. Roche, Jas Doyle, L. Kiely, M. Keating, D. Nealon, J. McKenna, S. McLoughlin. Subs: M. Lonergan, L. Devaney5-132-8Kilkenny
1965J. O'Donoghue, Jn Doyle, M. Maher, K. Carey, M. Burns, A. Wall, L. Gaynor, T. English, M. Roche, Jas Doyle, L. Kiely, L. Devaney, D. Nealon, J. McKenna, S. McLoughlin2-160-10Wexford
1971P. O'Sullivan, L. King, J. Kelly, J. Gleeson, T. O'Connor, M. Roche, L. Gaynor, P.J. Ryan, S. Hogan, F. Loughnane, N. O'Dwyer, D. Ryan, J. Flanagan, R. Ryan, M. Keating. Subs: Jas Doyle, P. Byrne5-175-14Kilkenny
1989K. Hogan, J. Heffernan, C. O'Donovan, N. Sheehy, Conal Bonnar, B. Ryan, J. Kennedy, Colm Bonnar, D. Carr, J. Leahy, D. Ryan, M. Cleary, P. Fox, Cormac Bonnar, N. English. Subs: J. Hayes, D. O'Connell, A. Ryan4-242-9Antrim
1991K. Hogan, R.D. Martin, N. Sheehy, M. Ryan, Colm Bonnar, B. Ryan, Conal Bonnar, D. Carr, A. Ryan, M. Cleary, D. Ryan, J. Leahy, P. Fox, Cormac Bonnar, N. English. Subs: C. Stakelum, D. O'Connell1-160-15Kilkenny
2001B. Cummins, T. Costello, P. Maher, P. Ormonde, E. Corcoran, D. Kennedy, P. Kelly, E. Enright, T. Dunne, M. O'Leary, J. Carroll, E. Kelly, E. O'Neill, D. Ryan, L. Corbett. Subs: D. Fahey, M. Ryan, P. O'Brien, C. Gleeson2-182-15Galway
2010Brendan Cummins, Paddy Stapleton, Paul Curran, Michael Cahill, Declan Fanning, Conor O'Mahony, Padraic Maher, Brendan Maher, Shane McGrath, Gearóid Ryan, Patrick Maher, John O'Brien, Noel McGrath, Eoin Kelly, Lar Corbett4-171-18Kilkenny
2016Darren Gleeson, Cathal Barrett, James Barry, Michael Cahill, Seamus Kennedy, Ronan Maher, Padraic Maher, Brendan Maher (Capt.), Michael Breen, Dan McCormack, Patrick Maher, Noel McGrath, John O’Dwyer, Seamus Callanan, John McGrath2-292-20Kilkenny
2019Brian Hogan, Cathal Barrett, Barry Heffernan, Ronan Maher; Brendan Maher, Padraic Maher, Seamus Kennedy, Noel McGrath, Michael Breen, Dan McCormack, John O'Dwyer, Niall O'Meara, Jason Forde, Séamus Callanan (Capt.), John McGrath3-250-20Kilkenny

All-Ireland Under-21 Hurling Championships: 11

1964P. O'Sullivan, W. Smith, N. O'Gorman, M. O'Meara, O' Killoran, C. Dwyer, L. Gaynor, M. Roche, J. Fogarty, N. Lane, M. Keating, F. Loughnane, J. Dillon, T. Butler, T. Brennan. Sub: P.J. Ryan8-93-10Wexford
1967H. Condon, S. Ryan, J. Kelly, D. Grady, M. Esmond, T. O'Connor, S. Hogan, P.J. Ryan, C. Davitt, P. Lowry, N. O'Dwyer, J. Ryan, J. Walsh, P. O'Connor, J. Flanagan. Subs: M. Nolan, T. Delaney1-81-7Dublin
1979V. Mullins, P. Loughnane, J. Ryan, E. Hogan, A. Slattery, J. O'Dwyer, G. Stapleton, G. O'Connor, P. Fox, M. Murphy, E. O'Shea, T. Grogan, B. Mannion, M. Doyle, P. Looby. Sub: P. Ryan2-121-9Galway
1980V. Mullins, M. Ryan, Cormac Bonnar, P. Fox, B. Heffernan, J. O'Dwyer, P. McGrath, M. Kennedy, P. Kennedy, M. Murphy, B. Ryan, A. Buckley, J. Kennedy, D. O'Connell, P. Power. Sub: A. Kinsella2-90-14Kilkenny
1981J. Farrell, M. Ryan, P. Brennan, P. Fox, I. Conroy, J. McIntyre, P. McGrath, A. Kinsella, P. Kennedy, N. English, B. Ryan, M. McGrath, G. O'Neill, D. O'Connell, A. Buckley2-161-10Kilkenny
1985J. Leamy, N. McDonnell, P. O'Donoghue, Colm Bonnar, M. Corcoran, D. Kealy, P. Delaney, J. Kennedy, A. Ryan, M. Cunningham, J. McGrath, N. Sheehy, J. McCormack, L. Stokes, M. Scully. Sub: M. Bryan1-102-6Kilkenny
1989B. Bane, L. Sheedy, M. Ryan, G. Frend, J. Madden, Conal Bonnar, S. Maher, J. Leahy, Declan Ryan, P. Hogan, C. Stakelum, Dinny Ryan, M. Nolan, D. Quirke, T. Lanigan. Subs: J. Cahill, K. Ryan, D. Lyons4-103-11Offaly
1995B. Cummins, L. Barron, P. Shelly, P. Shanahan, B. Horgan, K. Slevin, B. Flannery, A. Butler, Terence Dunne, Thomas Dunne, L. McGrath, E. Enright, K. Tucker, D. O'Connor, D. Bourke. Sub: P. O'Dwyer1-141-10Kilkenny
2010J. Logue, K. O'Gorman, P. Maher, M. Cahill, J. Barry, B. Maher, C. Hough, S. Hennessy, N. McGrath, S. Carey, P. Murphy, P. Maher, M. Heffernan, B. O'Meara, J. O'Dwyer Subs used:C. Coughlan, J. O'Neill, A. Ryan, J. Gallagher, K. Morris.5-220-12Galway
2018B Hogan, E Connolly, B McGrath, K O'Dwyer, P Campion, R Byrne, D Quirke, S Nolan, G Browne, C English (c), J Cahill, P Feehan, J Morris, M Kehoe, C Darcy

Subs used:C Stakelum, D Gleeson, C Morgan, P Cadell, L Fairbrother.

2019Aaron Browne, Conor McCarthy, Eoghan Connolly, Craig Morgan (c), Niall Heffernan, Paddy Cadell, Bryan O’Mara, Ciaran Connolly, Jerome Cahill, Gearoid O’Connor, Jake Morris, Johnny Ryan, Andrew Ormond, Billy Seymour, Conor Bowe

Subs used: Sean Hayes, Kian O’Kelly, Joe Fogarty, Cathal Bourke.


All-Ireland Minor Hurling Championships: 21

1930E. Maher, J. Coffey, W. O'Neill, L. Burke, G. Heavey, J. Coffey, J. Lanigan, J. Semple, J. Dunne, J. Russell, E. Wade, P. Ryan, J. Close, T. Harney, J. Quinlan. Subs: None4-12-1Kilkenny
1932T. O'Keeffe, J. Looby, J. O'Dwyer, M. Burke, P. Leahy, C. Downs, J. Cooney, P. Bowe, N. Barry, P. Purcell, T. Burke, J. Fletcher, W. Nolan, D. Gorman, J. Maher8-65-1Kilkenny
1933J. Moloney, J. Mooney, T. Doyle, M. Ryan, M. Condon, M. Everard, P. Duggan, P. Dwyer, T. Brennan, P. Frazer, M. Burke, J. Farrell, P. Callaghan, T. Maher, J. Fletcher4-62-3Galway
1934C. Maher, T. Lanigan, J. Noonan, J. Mooney, J. Moloney, J. Coffey, T. English, D. Ryan, T. Brennan, P. Callaghan, M. Loughnane, M. Mockler, Jas Moloney, T. Cawley, P. O'Dwyer4-33-5Laois
1947J. O'Grady, J. Doyle, J. McCormack, B. Mockler, C. Keane, J. Ryan, S. Twomey, M. Ryan, J. Farrell, D. Butler, D. McNulty, P. Kenny, T. O'Meara, M. Butler, S. McDonnell. Sub: M. Maher9-51-5Galway
1949J. O'Grady, Joseph Moloney, James Moloney, S. Browne, D. Maher, J. Finn, S. McGrath, R. Holden, W. Perkins, A. McDonnell, L. Keane, T. Aherne, M. Buckley, M. Ryan, G. Doyle. Sub: J. Maher6-52-4Kilkenny
1952E. McLoughney, D. Quinn, E. McGrath, E. Burke, F. Dyer, W. Hayes, L. Quinn, P. Hennessy, W. Quinn, L. Devaney, A. Wall, S. McLoughlin, M. Butler, D. Browne, P. Cleary. Sub: S. McGovern9-92-6Dublin
1953T. McCormack, M. Cleary, T. Kelly, P. Barry, L. Quinn, R. Reidy, S. Kenny, W. Quinn, M. Kennedy, L. Devaney, J. Murphy, S. McLoughlin, S. Corcoran, M. Stapleton, L. Connolly. Sub: R. Ryan8-63-6Dublin
1955S. Ryan, T. Gleeson, R. O'Donnell, M. Craddock, D. Ryan, R. Reidy, S. Warren, C. Foyle, M. Burns, J. Doyle, A. Leahy, M. Gilmartin, W. O'Grady, P. Ryan, P. Dorney. Subs: J. Small, M. O'Gara5-152-5Galway
1956A. Tierney, T. Gleeson, M. Dorney, B. Maher, M. Craddock, P. Reynolds, J. Mullooly, S. Warren, S. Mackey, J. Doyle, P. Ryan, W. O'Grady, T. Flynn, J. Scott, S. Dalton4-161-5Kilkenny
1957T. Moloney, M. Craddock, M. Lonergan, P. Kearns, M. Stapleton, P. Reynolds, A. Croke, M. Murphy, P. Kennedy, S. Ryan, L. Kiely, J. Doyle, P. Doyle, M. Hogan, P. Butler. Subs: W. Hogan, P. Woodlock4-73-7Kilkenny
1959J. O'Donoghue, P. Griffin, G. Kinane, W. Lonergan, J. Carroll, A. Croke, R. Slevin, Tom Ryan (Toomevara), Tom Ryan (Killenaule), P. Doyle, W. Carey, M. Duggan, M. Nolan, L. Kiely, J. Ryan. Subs: J. Gleeson, P. Crampton2-82-7Kilkenny
1976V. Mullins, P. Loughnane, P.J. Maxwell, A. Slattery, M. Stapleton, G. Stapleton, J. O'Dwyer, J. Hogan, P. Ryan, E. O'Shea, M. Doyle, T. Grogan, M. Murphy, J. Stone, P. Power. Sub: P. Looby2-201-7Kilkenny
1980K. Hogan, M. Conway, P. Maher, E. Hogan, I. Conroy, J. Maher, D. Finnerty, J. Hayes, P. Kenny, G. O'Neill, M. McGrath, J. Darcy, A. Browne, W. Peters, N. English. Subs: V. Dooley, J. Treacy2-151-10Wexford
1982J. Leamy, J. Flannery, J. Bergin, Colm Bonnar, B. Everard, D. Kealy, W. Hayes, J. Kennedy, G. Bradley, N. Sheehy, M. Cunningham, S. Slattery, J. Cormack, L. Stokes, M. Scully. Subs: M. Corcoran, G. Ryan, A. Ryan2-70-4Galway
1996 (Draw)F. Horgan, T. Costello, F. Heaney, W. Hickey, T. Keane, J. Carroll, J. Tehan, W. Maher, M. Ryan, D. Browne, D. Fahey, P. Kelly, A. Doyle, E. O'Neill, M. Kennedy. Subs: P. Lonergan, P. O'Brien, E. Carey0-20




2006J Ryan, M Cahill, P Maher, B Maher; E Hogan, T Stapleton, J O'Keeffe; J McLoughney, G Ryan; S Hennessy, T McGrath, N Bergin; P Bourke, T Dunne, T Dalton. Subs - M Gleeson, S Callinan.2-182-7Galway
2007TJ Logue, K O'Gorman, P Maher, S O'Brien; J Barry, J Coghlan, M Cahill; B Maher, N McGrath; S Hennessy, C Lorrigan, S Carey; J O'Neill, P Maher, M Heffernan. Subs - P Murphy, J Gallagher, D O'Brien, D O'Connor.3-142-11Cork
2012Paul Maher, Ronan Maher, Michael Breen, Jack Peters, Tom Fox, Tomas Hamill, Barry Heffernan, Bill Maher (c), Stephen Cahill, John McGrath, Dylan Fitzell, Sean Maher, Tadhg Gallagher, Jack Shelly, Mark McCarthy. Subs used: Steven O'Brien, Sean Ryan, Conor Lanigan, Jack Loughnane.2-181-11Dublin
2016Ciarán Barrett, Killian O’Dwyer, Michael Whelan, Tom Murphy, Cian Flanagan, Brian McGrath (Capt.), Jerome Cahill, Paddy Cadell, Ger Browne, Rian Doody, Jake Morris, Colin English, Cian Darcy, Mark Kehoe, Lyndon Fairbrother1-210-17Limerick
2022Eoin Horgan, Chris O'Donnell, Aaron O'Halloran, Jack Quinlan, Sam O'Farrell (c), Tadhg Sheehan, Jack O'Callaghan, Ciarán Foley, Adam Daly, Joe Egan, Conor Martin, Cathal English, Damien Corbett, Tom Delaney, Paddy McCormack,

Subs used: Darragh McCarthy, Senan Butler, Sam Rowan, Jamie Ormond, Paddy Phelan.


All-Ireland Junior Hurling Championships: 9

1913J. Hammonds, T. Ryan-Lanigan, J. Ryan-Lanigan, T. Delaney, M. Hammonds, P. Purcell, T. Duane, N. McGrath, M. Dwyer, A. O'Donnell, P. Leahy, J. Power, D. Walsh, J. Fitzpatrick, T. Shanahan. Subs: D. Murphy, P. Dargan4-20-0Kilkenny
1915J. Fitzpatrick, M. Leahy, J. Campbell, W. Dwyer, T. Shanahan, J. Hammonds, W. Quinn, T. Duane, F. Cronin, D. Walsh, T. Donovan, J. Doore, W. Horan, J. Kennedy, M. Leahy1-62-2Offaly
1924J. O'Loughlin, W. O'Brien, S. Duane, J. Costelloe, J. Gleeson, T. O'Meara, P. Purcell, J. Hickey, M. Flanagan, M. Ryan, P. Kennedy, T. Maher, R. Nealon, M. Aherne, M. Kennedy. Sub: W. O'Meara5-52-4Galway
1926T. Butler, A. Cleary, E, Browne, M. Cronin, T. Crowe, J. Moylan, P. Hogan, P. Harty, J. Hayes, M. Ryan (Newport), M. Ryan (Boherlahan), T. Treacy, T. Leahy, J. O'Gorman, E. Walsh6-22-3Galway
1930M. Browne, J. Dwyer, J. Fletcher, P. Furlong, W. Gorman, S. Harrington, T. Connolly, P. Harty, T. Harty, M. McGann, M. Ryan (Clonoulty), E. Wade, M. Ryan (Borris-ileigh), D. Looby, W. Ryan8-63-2Kilkenny
1933D. Roche, W. Roche, P. O'Mahony, P. O'Toole, J. Dunne, E. Eade, P. O'Keeffe, D. Looby, D. Hayes, J. Tynan, J. Duggan, D. Gorman, D. Murphy, D. Ryan, D. Gleeson. Subs: J. Cooney, M. O'Toole10-11-4London
1953M. Fogarty, T. Kennedy, M. Doheny, S. Kelly, J. Callanan, S. Organ, T. Sweeney, J. Ryan, M. Conway, T. English, M. Kenny, J. Hannon, T. Foran, E. Hayes, K. McKenna4-101-3Warwickshire
1989J. Grace, M. Stapleton, M. Ryan, D. Quinlan, G. O'Brien, R. Quirke, L. Sheedy, E. Kelly, K. Laffan, Dinny Ryan, P. Everard, D. Flannery, M. McCormack, J. Sheedy, S. Nealon. Sub: C. Egan0-120-8Galway
1991J. Leamy, M. Ryan (Fethard), M. Stapleton, D. Quinlan, P. Maguire, G. O'Brien, S. McManus, O. Cummins, C. Bryan, P. O'Keeffe, L. Sheedy, E. Maher, J. Harrington, E. Kelly, S. Nealon. Sub: M. Ryan (Ballinahinch)4-171-5London

All-Ireland Intermediate Hurling Championships: 7

All-Ireland Vocational Schools Championships:14

National Hurling Leagues: 19

Munster Senior Hurling Championships: 42

Munster Under-21 Hurling Championships: 21

Munster Minor Hurling Championships: 41

Munster Junior Hurling Championships: 16

Munster Intermediate Hurling Championships: 9

Waterford Crystal Cup: 4

Wembley Tournament (Monaghan Cup): 20

Thomond Tournament: 8

Oireachtas Tournament: 11

All-Star Awards: 104


All-Star Awards: 17

    • 2004: S. Kelly, U. O'Dwyer, C. Gaynor, T. Brophy, C. Grogan, D. Hughes
    • 2005: J. Delaney, J. Kirwan, C. Grogan, E. McDonnell
    • 2006: J. Delaney, S. Kelly, P. Fogarty, J. Ryan
    • 2007: P. Fogarty, C. Grogan
    • 2008: T. O'Halloran,


All-Ireland Senior Football Championships: 4

1889T. Finn, J. Crowley, P. Glasheen, W. O'Shea, W. Ryan, B. O'Brien, G. Kavanagh, P. Buckley, D. Whelan, P. Hall, M. Wade, J. Ryan, Joe Ryan, D. Keating, P. Fox, J. Rowland, Willie Ryan, P. Ryan, J. Carey, J. Daly, T. Dwyer3-60-0Laois
1895M. McInerney, M. Finn, J. Riordan, P. Finn, W. Ryan, J. Heffernan, J. O'Brien, B. Finn, P. Dwyer, P. Glasheen, J. Carey, M. Conroy, J. Carew, W.P. Ryan, D. Butler, P. Daly, R. Quane.0-40-3Meath
1900P. Moloney, M. Walsh, P. Wall, W. McReil, J. Duane, D. Myers, J. O'Brien, J. Tobin, R. Hourigan, R. Quane, B. O'Toole, D. Harney, J. O'Shea, P. Cox, J. Hayes, J. Cooney, D. Smith3-70-2London
1920A. Carroll, N. O'Shea, J. McNamara, B. Ryan, B. Lanigan, J. Shelly, B. Grant, W. Barrett, J. Ryan, M. Tobin, J. Doran, G. McCarthy, V. Vaughan, M. Arrigan, T. Powell1-61-2Dublin

All-Ireland Senior B Football Championships: 1

All-Ireland Under-21 Football Championships: None

All-Ireland Minor Football Championships: 2

1934A. Greensmith, J. O'Connor, B. Power, M. Byrne, H. O'Donnell, J. Hickey, M. Lalor, D. McGrath, T. Kenny, C. Dillon, M. Gavin, J. Maher, M. Power, P. Blanchfield, B. Kissane.W.O.1
2011E. Comerford, N. O'Sullivan, J. Meagher, C. O'Sullivan, C. O'Riordan, D. Fitzelle, S. Kennedy, S. O'Brien, I. Fahey, G. Henry, J. McGrath, B. Maher, L. McGrath, M. Quinlivan, T.J. Ryan.3-91-14Dublin

All-Ireland Junior Football Championships: 3

1912J. O'Shea, E. Delahunty, L. Gorman, N. Egan, F. O'Brien, N. O'Shea, N. Vaughan, M. Devitt, T. Connors, H. Kennedy, D. Stapleton, J. Quinn, P. Egan, W. Scully, R. Heffernan, P. Dwyer, J. Shelly1-41-3Louth
1923T. Hogan, P. Walsh, H. Dillon, G. Dwyer, M. Barry, N. Cummins, M. Nolan, D. Mullins, T. Tubridy, G. McCarthy, P. Duane, T. Armitage, T. Dunne, J. Davey, J. Delaney2-41-1Carlow
1998S. Delahunty, D. Byrne, F. Clifford, M. O'Mahony, P. Lanigan, D. Peters, W. Morrissey, P. Ormond, M. Leonard, P. Cahill, M. O'Shea, B. Maguire, K. Coonan, A. Cross, T. Sheehan. Subs: J. McAuliffe, D. O'Brien2-90-6Offaly

National Football Leagues: 3

2009 (Div 3)P. Fitzgerald, C. Morrissey, C. McDonald, A. Morrissey, B. Fox, H. Coghlan, C. Aylward, G. Hannigan, B. Jones, S. Carey, N. Fitzgerald, B. Mulvihill, J. Tierney, B. Coen, B. Grogan. Subs used: R. Costigan, D. O’Brien, C. Higgins, J. Cagney, K. Mulryan.0-181-14Down
2014 (Div 4)P Fitzgerald; J Coghlan, P Codd (Captain), A Morrissey; R Kiely (0-01), P Acheson, D Leahy; S O'Brien (0-01), G Hannigan (0-01); B Fox, I Fahey (0-01), P Austin; C Sweeney (1-08, 0-04f), M Quinlivan, B Grogan (0-04, 0-02f).

Subs used: S Grogan for Austin, C McDonald for Morrissey, C O'Riordan for Fahey, C McCullagh for S Grogan (black card).

2017 (Div 3)E Comerford; A Campbell (0-1), P Codd, W Connors; R Kiely (0-1), S O’Connell, B Maher; L Casey (1-1), J Kennedy (0-2); J Keane (0-1), K O’Halloran (0-3, 2f), B Fox (C); C Sweeney (2-5, 0-3f), M Quinlivan (0-3, 2f), E Moloney. Subs: G Hannigan for Moloney (52), LBoland (0-1) for O’Halloran (61), C O’Shaughnessy for Connors (64), A Moloney for Kennedy (66), L McGrath (0-1) for Keane (70+1), J Hennessy for Quinlivan (70+6).3-190-19Louth

Munster Senior Football Championships: 10

2020 E Comerford; C O’Shaughnessy, A Campbell, J Feehan; B Maher, K Fahey, R Kiely; S O’Brien, L Casey; B Fox, M Quinlivan, C O’Riordan; Colman Kennedy, C Sweeney (c), Conal Kennedy.

Subs: L Boland for Colman Kennedy (52); P Feehan for K Fahey (54); E Moloney for B Fox (61); P Looram for R Kiely (65); P Austin for L Casey (70+1).

0-170-14 Cork

Munster Under-21 Football Championships: 2

2010K. Kenrick, R. Kiely, C. McDonald, D. Lynch, P. O'Dwyer, J. Coghlan, D. O'Dwyer, A. Moloney, P. Acheson, S. Carey, B. O'Brien, A. Matassa, C. Sweeney, B. O'Meara, M. O'Dwyer. Subs used: P. Curtin, G. O'Keeffe.1-71-6 Kerry
2015 [4] [5] E Comerford, C O’Shaughnessy, J Feehan, K Fahey, R Mulcahy, L Boland, B Maher, S O’Brien, C O’Riordan, J Lonergan, I Fahey, L Casey, K O’Halloran, J Keane, P Maher.

Subs used: TJ Ryan, W Connors

1-153-8 Cork

Munster Minor Football Championships: 7

Munster Junior Football Championships: 7

Tommy Murphy Cup: 1

2005P. Fitzgerald, D. Byrne, N. Curran, P. King, P. Morrissey, B. Lacey, R. Costigan, K. Mulryan, N. Fitzgerald, A. Fitzgerald, B. Hickey, B. Hahessy, B. Mulvihill, D. Browne (capt), D. O'Brien.3-100-15Wexford

McGrath Cups:3

1989Ger Enright, Michael Ryan (Upperchurch-Drombane), Brian Lawlor, Tom Macken, Donal O’Keeffe, Ned Ryan, Sean Brett, Gene McGrath, Declan Hahessy, Brian Burke (Captain), John Costello, Eamon Maher, Anthony Crosse, Cristoir McGrath, John Treacy. Subs: Tommy Sheehan for Maher, Ruan Morris for Treacy, Anthony Power for Hahessy, Johnny Lowry, Davy Hogan and Willie Morrissey. London
1993Eamonn Ryan, John O’Meara, Sean Collum (Captain), Peter Gleeson, Jerry Ryan, Sean Brett, Tom Macken, Brian Burke, John Costello, Mark Sheehan, John Leahy, Davy Hogan, Peter Lambert, Anthony Crosse, Brendan Cummins Subs: Ned Ryan for Leahy, Chris Coen for Crosse, Ailbe Bonnar, Kevin Coonan and Shay Ryan2-130-4 London
2003Brian Enright, Benny Hahessy, Niall Kelly, Damien Byrne, Shane Maher, Declan Fanning, Niall Fitzgerald, Kevin Mulryan, Aidan Fitzgerald; Tony Doyle, Fergal O’Callaghan (Captain), Patrick Hally, Benny Hickey, Eamonn Hanrahan, David Byrne Subs: Declan Browne for Hally, John Paul Looby for David Byrne, Patrick Hally for Maher.1-91-8 Clare

Munster Football League 2

All-Star Awards: 3

Ladies' Football

All-Star Awards: 7


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Mary Ryan may refer to:

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This is a list of athletes and teams who have won honours while representing Cork GAA in Gaelic games. Cork have achieved the Double in senior hurling and gaelic football in 1890 and 1990. Tipperary in 1895 and 1900 is the only other county to achieve this unique feat. The late Teddy McCarthy is the only person to hold the unique record of winning two all Ireland senior medals in hurling and gaelic football in the one year. Another Cork man Brian Murphy is the only man in the history of the GAA to win all Ireland medals at senior u21 and minor level in both hurling and gaelic football.

Séamus Cleere is an Irish retired hurler. His career included three All-Ireland Championship victories with the Kilkenny senior hurling team, including one as captain in 1963.

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Moycarkey–Borris GAA is a Tipperary GAA club which is located in County Tipperary, Ireland. Both hurling and Gaelic football are played in the "Mid-Tipperary" divisional competitions. The club is centred on the village of Littleton but also takes in areas such as Two-Mile-Borris, Horse and Jockey, and Moycarkey.

This page details statistics of the All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Ballyporeen GAA</span>

Ballyporeen GAA is a Gaelic Athletic Association club located in the parish of Ballyporeen in County Tipperary in Ireland. The club plays Gaelic football at Senior level as part of the South division of Tipperary GAA. The handball section of the club has also had considerable success.

<span class="mw-page-title-main">Tipperary county hurling team</span> Hurling team

The Tipperary county hurling team represents Tipperary in hurling and is governed by Tipperary GAA, the county board of the Gaelic Athletic Association. The team competes in the three major annual inter-county competitions; the All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship, the Munster Senior Hurling Championship and the National Hurling League.


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