Tipperary Natural Mineral Water

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Tipperary Natural Mineral Water
Country Ireland
Produced by C&C Group
Introduced1986;36 years ago (1986)
Source Clonmel
Calcium (Ca)71
Chloride (Cl)20
Magnesium (Mg)13
Nitrate (NO3)14
Potassium (K)1
Sodium (Na)20
Sulfate (SO4)18
TDS 346 [1]
Website http://www.tipperary-water.ie
All concentrations in milligrams per liter (mg/L); pH without units

Tipperary Natural Mineral Water is an Irish brand of mineral water coming from a source at Annerville, Clonmel, County Tipperary, Ireland. Tipperary Water is part of C&C Group, an Irish-owned multinational company. [2]



Tipperary Natural Mineral Water Company was founded in 1986 by Nicholas and Patrick Cooney. [3] [4] The water is pumped from a depth of 100 metres. In 1987, Tipperary Natural Mineral Water was the first Irish bottled water to qualify for the European Union's Natural Mineral Water status. In 2012, C&C Group acquired Gleeson Group for €12.4m. In 2016, seeking to cut costs C&C closed the water-bottling plant in Borrisoleigh which employed 140 staff. Production was moved to Clonmel County Tipperary. [5]

In 2019 the former Borrisoleigh water-bottling plant was sold to Oscar Wilde Water, a company owned by entrepreneur John Hegarty.

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Nick Cooney was an Irish sports shooter. He competed in the mixed skeet event at the 1980 Summer Olympics. In 1986, he and his brother founded the Tipperary Natural Mineral Water company.


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