To Be Free (Mike Oldfield song)

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"To Be Free"
To Be Free (Mike Oldfield).jpg
Single by Mike Oldfield
from the album Tres Lunas
Released20 May 2002 (2002-05-20)
Genre Chillout, pop
Label Warner Music Spain
Songwriter(s) Mike Oldfield
Producer(s) Mike Oldfield
Jose Luis Adelantado, Paco Carro & Luis Mompo (Soultronik mixes)
Juan Belmonte & Abel Arana (Pumpin' Dolls mixes)
Mike Oldfield singles chronology
"The X-Files Theme"
"To Be Free"
"Thou Art in Heaven"
Belgium cover
To Be Free (Mike Oldfield) be.jpg

"To Be Free" is a single by musician Mike Oldfield, released in 2002. It is from the album Tres Lunas released by Warner Music. The main vocalist is the Jazz singer Jude Sim.


Track listing

All songs by Mike Oldfield.

The Remixes CD

  1. "To Be Free" (Single version)
  2. "To Be Free" (Pumpin' Dolls to the Top Club Mix)
  3. "To Be Free" (Pumpin' Dolls Argento Dub Mix)
  4. "To Be Free" (Soultronik Hard Floor Cibervetido Mix)
  5. "To Be Free" (Soultronik Mix - Tical Mix)

Belgium single

  1. "To Be Free" (Pumpin' Dolls Radio Friendly Edit) (3:23)
  2. "To Be Free" (Radio edit) (3:59)


Chart (2002)Peak
Hungary (Single Top 40) [1] 2

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