To Violate the Oblivious

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To Violate the Oblivious
Xasthur-To Violate the Oblivious.jpg
Studio album by
ReleasedJuly 2004
Genre Black metal
Label Total Holocaust Records
Moribund Records
Xasthur chronology
Telepathic with the Deceased
To Violate the Oblivious
Subliminal Genocide

To Violate the Oblivious is a 2004 album by the American one-man black metal act Xasthur. After the original release on Swedish Total Holocaust Records, a re-mastered US pressing was released on Moribund Records in 2005 (featuring one bonus track). The same year, a limited double-vinyl edition was released on German label Perverted Taste (with yet another bonus track). The name of this album is misspelt on Spotify as "To Violate the Obvious".

Track listing

2."Xasthur Within"6:14
3."Dreams Blacker than Death"5:24
4."Screaming at Forgotten Fears"8:24
5."Consumed by a Dark Paranoia"3:40
6."Marked by Shadows"6:43
7."Apparitional Void of Failure"4:37
8."A Gate Through Bloodstained Mirrors"12:06
9."Walker of Dissonant Worlds"5:40
Total length:53:34

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