Today Forever

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Today Forever
EP by
Released4 March 1991
RecordedBlack Barn Studios, Ripley
Genre Shoegazing
Label Creation
Producer Matt Oliver
Ride chronology
Today Forever
Going Blank Again
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Today Forever is an EP by British rock band Ride, released in March 1991.


The first three songs also appeared in the US on the "Vapour Trail" CD-single. All four songs from the EP were added to the Nowhere album as bonus tracks on its re-release in 2001, 20th anniversary reissue in 2011, and 25th anniversary reissue in 2015.

In November 2022, all four songs were made available on ‘4EPs’, a compilation of Ride’s first four EPs made available together for the first time and packaged as one gatefold album on white vinyl and in CD format.

Track listing

12" vinyl/CD/Cassette (CRE 100T/CRESCD 100/CRECS 100)
No.TitleLyricsMusicLead vocalsLength
1."Unfamiliar" Mark Gardener Andy Bell, Loz Colbert, Gardener, Steve QueraltGardener and Bell5:03
2."Sennen"BellBell, Colbert, Gardener, QueraltGardener and Bell4:23
3."Beneath"BellBell, Colbert, Gardener, QueraltGardener and Bell4:07
4."Today"BellBell, Colbert, Gardener, QueraltGardener and Bell6:26

Video album

Today Forever
Today Forever VHS.jpg
Video by
ReleasedMarch 18, 1991 (1991-03-18)
Genre Shoegazing
Length20 minutes (UK version)
35 minutes (Japan version)
Language English
Label MCEG Vigin (UK version)
Warner Music Vision (Japan version)
Director James Deegan, Angus Cameron, Kevin Kerslake
Producer Angus Cameron, Max Abyss, Silvey & Company
Ride chronology
Today Forever
Live at Brixton Academy

In 1991, a video album was released to accompany the EP, featuring a music video for each song directed by James Deegan. The release was also made available in Japan on Laserdisc as part of a box set with the band's Brixton live video. This version was a compilation of all of the band's music videos up to that point.

Track listing

UK version
Japan version
1."Chelsea Girl" Angus Cameron 2:30
2."Like a Daydream"Cameron3:27
4."Unfamiliar"James Deegan4:56
8."Vapour Trail"Kevin Kerslake4:17

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