Todos (political party)

Last updated
Leader Felipe Alejos
General SecretaryErnest Steve Bran [1]
Founded26 August 2012
Ideology Christian right [2] [3] [ verification needed ]
Christian humanism [4]
Seats in Congress
7 / 160

Todos (lit. All) is a political party in Guatemala.



In November 2011 a group of seven MPs from National Unity of Hope (UNE) led by Roberto Alejos left the party. After more MPs left the UNE, taking the group's membership beyond 11, they were allowed to form a parliamentary faction, which became known as "Purple Ties" after the neckties worn by its members. Alejos began the process of registering a new party, and held talks with Rodolfo Rosales García-Salas about forming a coalition with the Greens. A meeting was held on 26 August 2012 in which the Greens agreed to change the party name and symbols, becoming "Todos".

Prior to the 2015 elections the party nominated Lizardo Arturo Sosa López as its presidential candidate within an election campaign that witnessed a wave of violence, as two candidates running for the party to be elected mayor or deputy mayor were killed in July 2015. [5] Sosa ultimately finished fifth in a field of fourteen candidates with 5% of the vote. However, the party performed better in the Congressional elections, receiving 11% of the vote, winning 18 of the 158 seats. [6] After the election the party assisted the government of Jimmy Morales with party president Felipe Alejos becoming first Vice President of the Congress. [7] After disagreements within the party, Roberto Alejos, co-founder of the party and uncle of Felipe Alejos, left the party in March 2017. [8] [9] On 5 December 2018, Felipe Alejos was indicted for giving false testimony and perjury, but the case was not taken up because he enjoyed parliamentary immunity. [7] After a long investigation the party was also indicted for receiving illegal campaign funds on 18 December 2018 by Oscar Sagastume, the inspector general of the TSE. [10]

For the 2019 elections, the party congress chose Fredy Cabrera and Ricardo Sagastume as their presidential ticket. Their platform included the establishment of a Ministry of Tourism and a doubling of the police force during their term; they eventually received 3% of the vote. [11] The party also lost significant support in the congressional elections, in which it received 4% of the vote and was reduced to seven seats. After the elections the party generally acted as an ally of President Giammattei and supported the election of Rivera as President of the Congress. [12] [13] In 2021, two of its Congressmen, namely Felipe Alejos and Boris Caceres, appeared on a list of corrupt officials in Central America compiled by the United States Department of State and published by representative Norma Torres. [14] [15]

Election results


ElectionCandidatesFirst roundSecond roundStatus
PresidentVice PresidentVotes%Votes%
2015 Lizardo Sosa Mario García 259,6735.41 (#6)Lost
2019 Fredy Cabrera Ricardo Sagastume 138,3333.16 (#10)Lost
2023 Ricardo Sagastume Guillermo González76,5821.82 (#11)Lost


2015 445,9969.78 (#3)
18 / 158
NewExternal support
2019 177,1824.40 (#11)
7 / 160
Decrease2.svg 11External support
2023 169,1014.05 (#8)
6 / 160
Decrease2.svg 1TBA

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