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Location of Tolhuin in Argentina
Coordinates: 54°30.65′S67°11.73′W / 54.51083°S 67.19550°W / -54.51083; -67.19550
Country Flag of Argentina.svg  Argentina
Province Bandera de la Provincia de Tierra del Fuego.svg  Tierra del Fuego
Department Tolhuin
  Total54 km2 (21 sq mi)
  Density55/km2 (140/sq mi)
Time zone UTC-3 (ART)
CPA base
Dialing code +54 2901
Climate ET

Tolhuin is a town in the province of Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. It has 2,949 inhabitants as per the 2010 census [INDEC]. It is located on the eastern shore of Lake Fagnano, in the southern part of the Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego. It is the third largest settlement on the Argentine side of Tierra del Fuego after Ushuaia and Río Grande.


Tolhuin was founded on October 9, 1972. The word means "like a heart" in Selk'nam language. [1] It lies on National Route 3, and is the only town between the cities of Ushuaia (about 103 kilometres to the south) and Río Grande (about 133 kilometres to the north) on this motorway.


There is a bakery called Panadería La Unión located near the town that has become famous on the region. Most buses going to Ushuaia stop here so their passengers can have a coffee, and eat baked goods. The walls are lined with autographed photographs of Argentine celebrities who have visited the town over the decades. [2]

Top Gear incident

In 2014, Tolhuin was the site of an attack on the film crew from the BBC TV program Top Gear . The crew was confronted by what the presenters called "a mob", who blocked off the road access and began to pelt their cars with stones in a protest over the license plate on Jeremy Clarkson's Porsche 928 that referenced the Falklands War. [3] Following the attack, the crew abandoned the damaged vehicles at a police checkpoint and left the country. [4]


Tolhuin has a tundra climate (ET) that borders closely on a subpolar oceanic climate (Cfc) and subantarctic continental climate (Dfc).

Climate data for Tolhuin (1991–2010)
Record high °C (°F)24.8
Average high °C (°F)14.1
Daily mean °C (°F)9.4
Average low °C (°F)4.7
Record low °C (°F)−2.5
Average precipitation mm (inches)64.4
Source: Servicio Meteorológico Nacional [5]

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The British motoring-themed television programme Top Gear was often the focus of criticism. The criticism has ranged from minor viewer complaints to serious complaints where broadcasting watchdogs such as Ofcom have been involved.

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Tolhuin Lago Fagnano Airport is a public use airport located 2 kilometres (1 mi) northeast of Tolhuin, a lakeside village in the Tierra del Fuego Province of Argentina.

<i>Top Gear</i> (series 22) Season of television series

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Mónica Susana Urquiza is an Argentine politician who has been Vice Governor of Tierra del Fuego Province since 2019, under Governor Gustavo Melella. She previously served as a member of the provincial legislature for two non-consecutive terms. Urquiza belongs to the Fueguian People's Movement (MOPOF).

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