Tolyatti bus bombing

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Tolyatti bus bombing
Samara in Russia.svg
Location of Samara Oblast in Russia
LocationTolyatti, Samara Oblast, Russia
Date31 October 2007
Target Bus
Deaths8 [1] [2]
Injuredabout 50
Location of Tolyatti in Samara Oblast Outline Map of Samara Oblast.svg
Location of Tolyatti in Samara Oblast

The Tolyatti bus bombing occurred on October 31, 2007, during the morning rush hour when a bomb exploded on a passenger bus in Tolyatti a city in Samara Oblast. The blast killed at least 8 people and injuring about 50 in what Irina Doroshenko, a spokeswoman for the investigative wing of the local prosecutor's office, said could be a terrorist attack. [3] At the beginning of the investigation, it was believed to be the work of terrorists from the North Caucasian Federal District. Early reports indicated possible involvement of Chechen terrorist Doku Umarov. However, the officials later named a 21-year-old Evgeny Vakhrushev, [4] who also died in the blast, as the only person to be responsible for the tragedy. [5] [6]

The explosion happened near a bus stop in the city center as people were heading to work. [7]

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