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Tom Chick
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Chick in September 2006
Born (1966-08-14) August 14, 1966 (age 56)
Education Harvard University (MTS)
OccupationActor, journalist, critic
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Tom W. Chick (born August 14, 1966) is an American actor and independent journalist. His most prominent TV roles were as Oscar's boyfriend Gil in the U.S. version of The Office , and the hard-hitting reporter Gordon in The West Wing .


Early life and education

Chick attended Harvard Divinity School and received a Master of Theological Studies with a focus on the Old Testament. [1]


Deciding not to pursue the ministry, he later moved to Hollywood, California, where he pursued a career in writing about video games and occasionally acting for television roles. He is also the co-founder and administrator of a web-based site for games discussion, Quarter to Three. [2]

Chick is an independent journalist whose columns on video games have appeared online and in print. As a freelance columnist, he has written for a number of sites, including Firing Squad, [3] Yahoo Games, [4] GameSpy, [5] GameSpot, Xtreme Gamer, [6] 1Up, [7] Rotten Tomatoes [8] and others. His articles have also appeared in magazines such as the "Tom vs. Bruce" series in Computer Gaming World , and he was listed as "one of the field's rare American practitioners" in an article on "New Games Journalism" in The New York Times . [9]

In May 2008, he partnered with the Syfy as editor-in-chief of a new co-branded gaming blog, entitled Fidgit.

Chick's most successful television acting engagement was a recurring role as reporter Gordon in nine episodes of The West Wing . He also played Oscar's homosexual lover Gil in The Office , and Mario in The Nine .

Personal life

In late September 2014, Chick revealed in a podcast that he had stage four Hypopharyngeal cancer and was about to begin chemotherapy. [10] [11]



1994 Frank and Jesse Detective Whitcher


1994 Monty BeckEpisode: "Two Cold Feet"
1994 Beverly Hills, 90210 JoeEpisode: "Rock of Ages"
1994, 1995 Living Single Aaron2 episodes
1996 NewsRadio EmployeeEpisode: "The Song Remains the Same"
1997 ER WeissbrootEpisode: "Friendly Fire"
1997 Frasier Waiter #1 / Waiter2 episodes
2001 The King of Queens GuyEpisode: "Wedding Presence"
2001 Spin City EmployeeEpisode: "A Shot in the Dark: Part 2"
2001 Grounded for Life Mr. SandersEpisode: "Dream On"
2003 Joan of Arcadia Reporter #2Episode: "The Devil Made Me Do It"
2003–2005 The West Wing Gordon9 episodes
2006 The Nine Mario2 episodes
2006–2007 The Office Gil4 episodes

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