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Tomar Jonyo
Tomar Jonyo.JPG
Directed by Nilanjan Banerjee
Produced by Zee Motion Pictures
StarringRishi Roy
Shriya Jha
Kanchan Mullick
Supriyo Dutt
Soumitra Chatterjee
Locket Chatterjee
Music by Jolly Mukherjee
Cinematography Samiran Dutt
Edited by Sharmistha Jha
Distributed by Zee Motion Pictures
Release date
14 November 2008
Country India
Language Bengali

Tomar Jonyo or Tomar Janna (For You) is a Tollywood film which was released in 2008. Directed by Nilanjan Banerjee, the movie featured Rishi, [1] Shriya Jha, Subrata Dutta . Shriya’s debut film Gita, in the Telugu film industry. But Zee Motion Pictures cast Shriya in Bengali film. Koel Mallick was supposedly cast as the female lead but she opted out, due to date problems. Shriya plays Aankhee, a visually challenged girl who runs a flower shop and falls in love with Joseph (Rishi Roy,named as Arindam Roy in Ollywood [2] but rename himself to Rishi for Bengali Film Industry,. [3] Nilanjan Banerjee is a SRFTI graduate. [4] [5] [6]



The story is all about Joseph, an orphan(Rishi), who is brought up by a Father (Soumitra Chatterjee) of a church. Joseph is the driver of a famous Tollywood actress Reshmi Ghosh (Locket Chatterjee) and also sings at a pub. Joseph falls in love with a blind girl Ankhi (Shreya) but hides his original identity from her and her mother (Alokananda). For them he is Aditya, a rich businessman. One day from Ankhi’s mother Joseph comes to know that Ankhi’s eyes can be cured but it will cost 5lakhs rupees. He takes the money from a goon and helps his gang to kidnap Reshmi, the actress. Joseph’s childhood friend Kancha (Kanchan Mullick) tries to stop him from doing this crime, but fails to stop him. But honest Joseph doesn’t become a criminal, when Ankhi enters the O.T. he surrenders to police, and gets imprisoned for 4 years. When after 4 years he comes out of the jail he finds the Father is no more. He searches for Ankhi and finds that she has become very rich. He decides not to reveal his identity to Ankhi and stay away from her. Joseph gets a job of a singer at a bar with Kancha’s help. There Rahul Roy (Subrat Dutta) notices him and gives him the job of his driver. Suddenly Joseph comes to know that presently Ankhi is Rahul’s love interest. On the day of their engagement Rahul forces Joseph to sing a song. By listening to the song Ankhi realizes that Joseph is Aditya and she leaves the party with tears. Rahul understands the situation. In this mean time Reshmi arrives at the party for being the schoolmate of Rahul. There she identifies Joseph and tells everyone that he is a criminal. But Rahul understands the love and feelings of Joseph and allows Ankhi and Joseph to get engaged and thus the movie ends happily.



Critical reception

The Telegraph said that The taut treatment, the highs and lows in the storyline and a sensible dose of humour help keep the film afloat. [7]

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