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Tomer Sisley
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Tomer Gazit

(1974-08-14) 14 August 1974 (age 46)
CitizenshipIsraeli, French
OccupationActor and comedian
Years active1996–present

Tomer Sisley (born Tomer Gazit; Hebrew : תומר סיסלי; born 14 August 1974) is an Israeli [1] French actor and comedian.


Early and personal life

Sisley is Israeli and was born in West Berlin, West Germany, where his parents had relocated for his father's job as a research scientist in dermatology, to Israeli-born parents. [1] [2] His mother is also a dermatologist. [3] His parents met as schoolmates in Ramat Gan, Israel, and were childhood sweethearts. [2] [4] He is Jewish, and his Jewish grandparents were from Lithuania and Belarus (on his father's side), and Yemen (on his mother's side). [5] [2]

His parents separated when he was five years old. At 9 years of age he left Berlin to live with his father in southern France, where his father was offered a position. [4] [2] At 12, he already spoke four languages (German, Hebrew, French, and English). He attended an English-speaking school, and then attended the bi-lingual Centre international de Valbonne in Sophia Antipolis near Nice, France. [1] [3]

Sisley lives in Paris with his family, and has taught Hebrew to his three children. [1] [2] He spends about a month a year in Israel where most of his relatives live, and has cousins and uncles who were in the Israeli Special Forces. [2] He is a horse rider, practiced 5 years of Krav Maga, and trains in jiujitsu and boxing. [6] [7] He is also a helicopter pilot, and does skydiving, paragliding, and extreme skiing. [8] [9]



Sisley performed six years of stand-up comedy. [8] [3] In 2003 he was the first French stand-up comedian to win the Just for Laughs comedy festival in Canada, the largest comedy festival in the world. [8] [3]


In early summer 2019, it was brought to light that, in France Tomer was giving a literal introduction to American stand-up, performing jokes and routines - sometimes word for word - from nearly 20 English-speaking comedians, largely from stand-up specials performed from 1999 to 2004. Sisley appeared to have taken individual bits from Ted Alexandro, Jon Stewart, Nick Swardson, Mitch Hedberg and, of course, the perennially-stolen-from Bill Hicks. And many, many more. [10]


Tomer Sisley skydiving for the filming of Largo Winch II. Tomer Sisler chute libre.jpg
Tomer Sisley skydiving for the filming of Largo Winch II .

Among his first films were the Tunisian fictional film Bedwin Hacker (2003), the comedy drama Virgil (2005), the French romantic comedy-drama Toi et moi (2006), the French crime film Truands (2007), and the French action thriller Largo Winch (2008). In 2009, Sisley won the Most Promising Newcomer title at the Étoiles d'or French awards for his acting in Largo Winch. [8]

In 2011, Sisley accepted the leading part in a low-budget French thriller film Sleepless Night . [11] The movie was bought by Tribeca Productions, Robert De Niro's distribution company, and Warner Brothers bought the rights for a remake. [12] The film showed at the Tribeca Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival, and Rome Film Festival. [13]

In the French action thriller Largo Winch II (2011), Sisley performed a fight while skydiving from a plane without a parachute.[ citation needed ] He does all of his own stunts. [1] [7] Among his next films were the American comedy We're the Millers (2013), the French costume drama and adventure film Angélique (2013), and the Israeli-French docudrama political thriller Rabin, the Last Day (2015).

In the American thriller web television series Messiah (2020) Sisley plays Israeli Shin Bet intelligence officer Aviram Dahan. [14] [1] [15]


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