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Tommy Brennan is a Scottish political activist and a former member of the Labour Party. [1] He is widely known for being the convenor of shop stewards at Ravenscraig steelworks and leader of the fight to try to save the Scottish steel industry in the 1980s and 1990s [2] until he was made redundant in 1991, shortly before Ravenscraig's infamous closure. [3] He worked at the plant for a total of 31 years. [4] [5]

He received an MBE in the 1991 New Year Honours. [6] [7]

When asked in 2013 to comment on the death of Margaret Thatcher, who had been accused of betraying steel workers in government, [8] Brennan said: "I have a simple philosophy in life that if you look at every bad situation you may find a little plus there. The one plus I could find about Thatcher was that she brought salmon back to the Clyde – she closed all the industry on either side of it so they couldn't pollute it." [9]

Brennan has re-emerged recently as a proponent of Scottish independence, ahead of the country's referendum. [10]

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This page lists the public opinion polls that were conducted in relation to the 2014 Scottish independence referendum, that was held on 18 September 2014. Overall, polls showed that support for a "No" vote was dominant until the end of August 2014, when support for a "Yes" vote gained momentum and the gap closed significantly, with at least one poll placing the "Yes" vote ahead. In the final week of the campaign, polls showed the "No" vote to be consistently but somewhat narrowly ahead. There were no exit polls although a YouGov post-election poll was published shortly after the polls closed. For the history of the campaign itself see 2014 Scottish independence referendum, Yes Scotland, and Better Together (campaign).

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